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Naval Fiction

Experience the excitement of naval fiction with John Schettler's acclaimed 64 book Kirov Series! Now with five more special editions. Dive into thrilling stories of war, intrigue, and daring exploits when the most powerful ship in the world is displaced in time to the heart of WWII.

“...Lose yourself in a world riveted with exacting detail, top notch historical research, a narrative style that is utterly captivating, with characters and dialog that keep you glued to every page. The Kirov Series is a masterpiece, by a master story teller in love with history. The author presents a world as real and visceral as the war he is writing about, and when that history alters in the whirlwind of Kirov’s many battles, the outcomes are completely convincing... This series sets a new standard for alternate history military fiction that is unsurpassed. Its scale and scope is simply awesome! ...”

The Keyholder's Saga

Step into the past with John Schettler's time travel and historical fiction Keyholders Series. From the fields of Waterloo, to the Zulu Wars, experience history like never before with thrilling stories of adventure and intrigue. Two wealthy Industrialists are wagering on the outcome of famous historical battles, creating exciting alternate history.

Waterloo, Isandlwana, The Opium Wars, Khartum - Omdurman

Alternate Histories


Military Science Fiction

From the battlefields of the future to the farthest reaches of space, John Schettler's military and science fiction series offer thrilling adventures and imaginative worlds. Join soldiers, pilots, sailors and explorers as they fight for survival and discover new frontiers.

The Dharman Series

Worlds of Imagination. . .

The Chronicles of Innisfail

Time Travel Adventures!

Award winning Time Travel with the most complete theory of Time Travel ever developed, including a multi-page lexicon of terminology governing the physics of Time Travel.

A team of four intrepid experts establish and build "the Arch Complex" where they become the first to ever open the continuum for survivable time travel. Join them on the eve of their first mission in the award winning series opener, Meridian!

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