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Writing services will sometimes involve a finished composition such as a flyer, brochure or newsletter where we prepare your project on our desktop publishing workstation. Other services may be simple composition of ad copy, sales letters, or writing and editing of content for your business projects or other applications.

Typical prices for finished items or writing & editing appear below.

Item or Writing Service


1 Page Business Flyer or Announcement


Tri-Fold Business Brochure (Double Sided)


11 x 17 Four Page Newsletter (4 Color)


Press Release or Sales Letter

$50. / Page

Writing or Composition (Non Fiction)

$30. / Page

Ghostwriting (Fiction)

$45. / Page*

Editing & Revision (Articles / Non Fiction)

$0.010./ word

Book Editing (Fiction)

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For special projects call the shop for an estimate or quotation!

*Typical page word count = 300

We use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and typical word processors to prepare your project on a disk file for service bureau output, PDF, or on laser-master positives.

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