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Standard Features for All Web Designs:

Each site we design has a coordinated web style consisting of:

  • Page background, color, or artwork
  • Two button styles and navigation button bars
  • A banner design displayed on each page with titles
  • Matching line and bullet or icon graphics
  • At least one free image per page + scanning
  • A designated number of free “web components.”
  • A Home Page + hyperlinks to all additional pages
  • Page footer with E-mail “mail to” or external links
  • A 1-Page Basic Form (If Required)
  • Keyword metatags & Top 10 search engine registration

Site pricing is based on the number pages you order, with typical page length spanning one to two computer screens.

The Writing Shop will prepare or edit text and all graphic site elements. Your price includes free scanning services and a set number of free web components.  You may choose to add any number of additional web components, priced separately, from about $25 to $100. each.

Our complete web price list is published here


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