We can create a beautiful web showcase for your novel ready to launch when the book is published. Most Publishers will simply give you a minor listing or template based site that you end up having to build yourself.

We’ll design a unique, custom, multi-page web showcase that will highlight the book, show the cover art, provide free reading samples, offer supporting or background information, present a character gallery or image gallery, or stand as an official meeting place where you can interface with your readers, and even offer the book directly over the web! We can help you get set up  to receive credit card orders via PayPal.

You can choose from a small 3 page site to a moderate 6 page site or a more extensive 9 page showcase for your novel. We’ll even arrange and register a domain for you, (, and set up Internet hosting if you need that service. All you do is send us any text content or images that you want for the site. We’ll do all the web design work, styling the site to match your book’s unique image or theme. We place the site on-line for your review and feedback, and you can have us add or revise content any time you like.

Announce your new book to the world with a custom web showcase by the Writing Shop!


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Priced from $150 to $395.

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