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When Nordhausen follows a hunch and launches a secret time jump mission on his own, he discovers something is terribly wrong with the Rosetta Stone. The fate of the modern world is somehow linked to this ancient Egyptian artifact, once famous the world over, and now a forgotten slab of stone. The result is a harrowing mission to Egypt during the time frame of Napoleon’s 1799 invasion, to find out how the artifact was changed…and why.

The award winning Meridian Series continues in this exciting and intricate novel that blends time travel and historical fiction into a compelling and fast paced story by John Schettler and features an opening segment by Mark (aka “Nordhausen”)  Prost, the real person this character is based upon.

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Book III of V linked novels

The second sequel to John Schettler’s Award Winning Novel “Meridian” is now available only on Amazon Kindle 

Book III of five linked novels.

Touchstone Time Travel Adventure

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Touchstone - ASIN: B0029XFOAC

  • Meridian Series Book III
  • Full color cover
  • Prologue, 30 Chapters & Epilogue - 85,893 Words
  • Author’s Afterword
  • $4.99

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