The Empire of Innisfail has sat inviolate for the last 287 years... until now. From Far Gorgessa in the west across the sea, a great migration has brought maurading hordes and war bands to the shores of Old Mindemoya. They have been marching inland, overrunning Elcanar Province, the Argentyne, and pushing into the forested lands of Lyndra and Glynwood. How far can they go?

When the Armies of the Jade, the Shon Malak, advance into Rhainnith, they begin the invasion of Innisfail, subduing its 9th province and then pushing on to the Tarsis River and the Raedwall behind it.

At the same time, the High Dreadlord Sonderin the Black is advancing up the east coast of Innisfail’s outlands. He later summons a “vile host,” with creatures only thought to be myths and children’s tales, all now darkening the light of day.


As Sonderin advances from his southern Realms, his brother Luth now musters his forces in the far west. From Dark Mornaland and Magamord they come, an army of mysterious warriors, the Dharmans, who inhabit a dimension known only as “The Reach”. It will take all the strength of the West to oppose them, leaving Innisfail without the support of the Western Outlords.

From the Underworld beneath the dread valley of Soregor Comes Morwenna, the Witch Queen necromancer who holds forth in her bone fortress. Can the West possibly hold if she throws her forces in with those of Luth? (Below)

Western Outlords Rally

Against these threats the Western Outlords of the White Company become a vital ally of Innisfail. Without them the Emperor cannot hold, and so Duke Morgin Grenfell gains tremendous political leverage, and is soon marked for death.


The great war has finally begun, and it is one that threatens to fulfill the ancient prophecy, that Innisfail the Only would rise and fall under two emperors that bore the same name.

What strength now remains in the arms, swords and hearts of free men? Can they possibly withstand the assault of all three great Dreadlords, and the Barbarian hordes of the south?

Come and see...

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Book V: Coming Nov 1

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Giant Spiders
Goblin Troops

Not all wars are fought with lance and sword. Tooth and claw served well enough for millions of years, and Sonderin comes with a Vile host that has things never seen before in the clear light of day.

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