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SEASON 6: The Next War...

Karpov and Fedorov finally return to the year 2021 on the eve of Naval Day, the time Kirov first shifted to the past. As they plot to prevent the ship from shifting back, they soon find themselves on the drafty doorstep of the Third World War, a conflict they had but a glimpse of in their earlier adventures.

All volumes in this final season will feature the main character set, and Kirov, with appearances by the Fairchild Group, Ivan Gromyko on Kazan, Admiral Kita’s task force, and Brigadiers Kinlan and Berg.  This is the story of the war that is even now beginning to cast its shadow on our time. It will be our war as much as theirs, and this season presents a chilling glimpse of how it might be fought. Includes the Russian invasion of Ukraine!



Book 41

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Deep Blue-144

Deep Blue

Book 45

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Kill Chain

Book 42

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Ice War

Book 46

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Twilight’s End

Book 43

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Eagle Rising

Book 47

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Book 44

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Tangent Fire-144

Tangent Fire

Book 48

Season Finale!
(More to Come!)



Battles in the Norwegian Sea
Operation Blizzard I: The North Cape
Day of Destiny: July 29, 2021
Zero-Dark-30: Aug 1, 2021
Backfires!: Aug 1, 2021

Black Sea Adventure: Aug 1, 2021
Mediterranean Scrap
The Persian Gulf Erupts
Arabian Sea, the Race South
Indian Ocean Adventure

South China Sea
Seizing Yonaguni
Orchids on the Sea
Maritime Quarantine of Taiwan
Kurile Islands Raid
Commerce Raiders!

The Next Korean War
Action in the Yellow Sea
The Ice War ( Norway and Svalbaard)
Bering Sea Chase
Battle for NordKaap
Battle for Svalbard
Battle of the Barents Sea

Operation Eagle Rising - Battle in Europe
The Baltic States
Russian Ukraine Offensive





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For New Readers:

As the entire series is a great loop in time, the Kirov Series can be read beginning with either with book 1 for the journey to the past and Kirov’s intervention in WWII, or beginning with book 41, for the story of what would have happened to the ship if it had not shifted back in time, in effect, the story of Kirov in WWIII.

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NOTE: Volume 8, Tangent Fire is a kind of bridge novel that leads to the war in 2025, which takes place in the future that arose from Kirov’s many interventions in the past. So 2025 action begins there, and continues in volume 1 of Season 7, entitled Condition Zebra.