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SEASON 7: The Next War -2025 and Beyond...

The Season begins as Karpov and Fedorov shift  to the year 2025 and find themselves in the future that arose from their many interventions in the past. The world of Altered States prevails, and already controlling Taiwan  and Korea,  China is a dangerous adversary in the Pacific, but Siberia has allied with the United States. So Kirov joins the Royal Navy and USN in the struggle to contain the enormous rising strength of China, which has strong client states in Iraq, Iran and North Africa.

All volumes in this final season will feature the main character set, and Kirov, with appearances by the Fairchild Group, Ivan Gromyko on Kazan, and Admiral Kita’s task force. With the emergence of advanced weapons like lasers and rail guns, the war presents a chilling harbinger of what might lie ahead in our own time.

CovCondition Zebra-144

Condition Zebra

Book 49

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Book 53

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Cov-Able Sentry-144

Able Sentry

Book 50

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Alpha Strike

Book 54

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Able Fire-Web-144

Able Fire

Book 51

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Book 55

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Cov-Far Horizon-144

Far Horizon

Book 52

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Book 56

Season Finale!


Battles in 2025

Sea of Japan
Sino-Siberian War
First Island Chain - Ryukyus
Reaching Too Far - Iwo Jima

In Tangent Fire: (The final volume of Season 6)
Operation Wildfire - The Med
Commerce raiding
Defense of Malta
West Africa - Canary Islands - Cape Verde

In Condition Zebra:

Advance from Cape Town
Action off Madagascar
Battle for the Seychelles
Struggle for Singapore & Malacca Strait
Battle of the Arabian Sea
Operation Desert Sword, the
Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

In Able Sentry:
Operation Just Resolve (Sultan Apache)
Operation Talisman Saber (Gulf of Aden)
Operation Chariot (Sinai)

In Able Fire:
Operation Able Fire (Invasion of Iraq)
Operation East Wind (Ballistic Missile Offensive in Pacific)
Operation Sea Eagle (Chinese Pacific Offensive)

In Far Horizon:
Kirov & Kazan - Unknown encounters

Sun Wei’s Race through the Malacca Strait
Battle of Sri Lanka
Reforger - Opening the Strait of Hormuz

In Firedrake:
Baghdad 2026
Sulu Sea
Palawan Gap
South China Sea

In Alpha Strike:
Mischief Reef Invasion
Operation Lightfoot - The Philippines
Battle for Luzon
Tsushima Strait

In Jericho
Japan vs China

Tsushima - Goto Islands Invasion
Operation Sledgehammer:
USMC Invasion of Amami & Okinawa

In Whirlwind
USN Counterattacks
Clearing th Ryuku Islands
East China Sea
Clearing the Goto Islands
The last Carriers
Shadow of things to come




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For New Readers:

As the entire series is a great loop in time, the Kirov Series can be read beginning with either with book 1 for the journey to the past and Kirov’s intervention in WWII, or beginning with book 41, for the story of what would have happened to the ship if it had not shifted back in time, in effect, the story of Kirov in WWIII.