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Starfall - Book 39 in the Kirov Series

Operation Comet was first devised in the real history to look for bridges over the Rhine between Arnhem and Wesel, and it eventually became the more well-known Market-Garden operation. Now the plan is dramatically revised to seize a more compelling objective. The small breakout near Poppering in the Pas-de-Calais had presented an opportunity for the Allies to try and push through to the vital port of Antwerp. Yet to prevent the Germans from demolishing it before they get there, Boy Browning now leads the 1st Airborne Army into Belgium and Holland to seize the port, along with the two great islands that command the Scheldt estuary, Walcheren and South Beveland.

After over twenty fruitless proposals for airborne operations, Eisenhower finally has a plan he can believe in, for the Allies desperately need that great deep-water port, the largest in all of Europe at that time. Now the operation that once went “a bridge too far” in the old history will be aimed at the greatest strategic prizes of the war. They will get more than one chance before this volume ends, leading us to the fortified Siegfried Line and the race to the Rhine.

As the skies fill with parachutes, Karpov and Fedorov meet with something quite unexpected in the heat and fire of their airship duel with the Germans over the frozen ice fields of Greenland.



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