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Season IV begins with action on two fronts, east and west. In the desert, Patton leads the attack against Kesselring’s defense in Algeria, while Rommel persuades Hitler to give him  free reign for a new offensive to stop O’Connor’s drive into Tripolitania. In the east, the Soviets struggle to contain a dramatic new breakthrough at Voronezh. With reserves low, Sergei Kirov orders Zhukov to use the forces he has been husbanding for the winter offensive of 1942, and the Russians launch a desperate series of counterattacks from their hard won bridgeheads south of the Don. Yet the Germans push through to Volgograd and begin the titanic struggle for the city that was a major turning point in the war. This time, things are different... Particularly in the Middle East where Hitler launches a bold new offensive.
   The action continues into the spring of 1943 with Operation Red Star, Manstein’s Backhand Blow, Operation Zitadelle, and the Soviet counteroffensive, Operation Rumyantsev. In the West, the Allies battle to defeat the 5th Pz Armee in Tunisia, and then plan their next objective in an effort to knock Italy out of the war.


Tigers East

Book 25

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Stormtide Rising

Book 29

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Thors Anvil-144

Thor’s Anvil

Book 26

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Book 30

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Book 27

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Nexus Deep

Book 31

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Lions at Dawn

Book 28

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Cover-Field of Glory-144

Field of Glory

Book 32

Season Finale!

BATTLES COVERED IN THIS SEASON: For the Period June 1942 thru  Jun 1943

Battles vs Kreigsmarine in Med
HMS Invincible vs Hindenburg and Axis Fleet in Action of Algiers
More to come...

East Front Operations
Battle for Voronezh
Crosing the Don at Kalach
Zhukov’s Spoiling Attack
Operations Uranus & Saturn
German Winter Storm Counterattack
The Struggle for Volgograd
Soviet Winter Offensive - Operation Jupiter
Operation Edelweiss
Naval action in the Black Sea
Soviet Spring Offensive of 1943: Operation Red Star
Manstein’s Backhand Blow
Operation Zitadelle
Operation Rumyantsev
Battle for Kharkov

Fedorov’s Mission to Ilanskiy

Battles in Western Desert, Algeria,Tunisia & Syria
Patton’s Drive into Algeria
Rommel’s Mobile Battle for Tripolitania
O’Connor’s Drive on Tripoli
Montgomery joins the fight in Algeria
Operation Phoenix - Syria & Iraq
The Battle of Baghdad (New!)
Operation Merkur - Crete
Operation Sturmflut
German counteroffensive at Kasserine
Ghafsa, El Guettar, Faid Pass
The Defense of the Mareth Line
Operation Hammer (Patton’s attack in Tunisia)
Operation Eisenfall (Rommel’s Drive on Damascus)
Operation Chariot (Tunisia)

Allied Offensives after Tunisia
Operation Brimstone (Sardinia)

Pacific Theater Events
Karpov’s battle on Sakhalin Island
Naval Action off Fiji Islands
Indian Ocean Raid
Ground battles on Viti Levu
US Invasion of Efate and New Caledonia
Karpov’s attack on Truk
Major sea action off Ponape
The Carrier duel off Yasawa

Special Edition Season Finale
The Waterloo Campaign
Introducing the Keyholder’s Saga




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