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Season III begins with the arrival of Kirov again from the future, on July 28, Paradox Hour. Yet two of the series main characters survive that paradox with all their memories intact--Anton Fedorov and Vladimir Karpov, who finds that his “younger self” appears aboard Kirov, while the Siberian Karpov managed to weather the storm of paradox aboard Tunguska. Now both exist, double walkers on the meridians of time as Season 3 leads us through the dramatic and critical battles of 1941, and on into the key turning point year of 1942. The second coming of the ship now begins to re-write the events it altered in the first season, even if this means the future the ship has come from might never arise now from this altered timeline.



Book 17

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Knight’s Move

Book 21

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Book 18

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Turning Point

Book 22

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Winter Storm

Book 19

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Steel Reign

Book 23

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Tide of Fortune

Book 20

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Second Front

Book 24

Season Finale!

BATTLES COVERED IN THIS SEASON: For the Period June 1941 thru Sept 1942

Battles vs Kreigsmarine in Atlantic
HMS Invincible vs Hindenburg and Bismarck
Argos Fire vs Hindenburg
Scharnhorst & Gneisenau vs HMS Rodney
Kirov vs Graf Zeppelin

German U Boat action on North Cape

East Front: Operation Typhoon
Battle of Mtsensk: 4th Arm Bde vs KG Eberbach
Battles for Plavsk & Tula: Guderian’s Panzergruppe 2 vs 1st Siberian Shock Army
Battle of Malakhovo: 101 Hvy Pz Bde vs 3rd Tank Corps
(Features Kurt Knispel vs Dmitri Lavrinenko)
Hoepner’s Panzergruppe 4 vs Soviet 16th Army (Rokkosovsky)
Crossing the Oka: Model’s 3rd Pz Div crosses at Protvino
Germans fight their way into Kremlin Square

Major airship and ground action at Ilanskiy

Battles in Western Desert, Med and Atlantic:
Operation Crusader

Montgomery & XIII Corps on Coast Road at Gazala
Br. 2nd Armored at Bir Hachiem
Cruwell’s Flanking attack at Wadi Thiran
O’Connor’s Defense with 7th Armored Div
Operation Condor: German Airborne Offensive vs Canary Islands
Major naval engagement with Royal Navy vs Combined Axis Fleet
Hindenburg & Kaiser Wilhelm raids vs British Convoy Routes

Pacific Theater Events
Japanese Operation Z vs Pearl Harbor
Vladimir Karpov leads Kirov vs Imperial Japanese Navy when Siberia declares war on Japan
Saga of the Pensacola convoy in the 1st Battle of the New Hebrides
General Yamashita’s Campaign in Malaya and the battle for Singapore
Karpov’s opening move in “Plan 7” and the attack on Kamchatka
Land & Fleet action as the Allies struggle to defend Java, Bali and Timor

Battles on East and West Fronts:
The Russian Winter Counteroffensive and Manstein’s Drive For Volgograd
U-Boat Action in Atlantic
Convoy Battle for PQ-17
Battle Of Casablanca
Operation Torch vs French N. Africa
Rommel vs 8th Army in Libya





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