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Season II sees Kirov shift to June of 1940, a full year before the time of their first arrival, yet the world they find is now drastically altered. They realize they are now sailing in a world changed by their interventions and actions in 1908 at the conclusion of Season 1. Russia is divided into three warring states, and Germany’s prospects for victory loom as a darkening shadow over all of Europe. Follow this exciting alternate history of WWII as Kirov now sides with Great Britain in an attempt to stop the advance of German aggression and possibly prevent the war that has erupted in 2021. Scroll down for history and battles covered this season!


Altered States

Book 9

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Grand Alliance

Book 13

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Darkest Hour

Book 10

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Hammer of God

Book 14

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Hinge of Fate

Book 11

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Crescendo of Doom

Book 15

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Three Kings

Book 12

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Paradox Hour

Book 16

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BATTLES COVERED IN THIS SEASON: For the Period June 1940 thru June 1941

Norwegian Sea: Sharnhorst & Gneisenau vs CV Glorious
British occupation of Iceland
German sortie of Bismarck & Tirpitz
Kirov vs Scharnhorst & Gneisenau
Major battle between Royal Navy & Kriegsmarine in North Atlantic
German Raid in Kara Sea with Admiral Sheer
British action against French at Mers el Kebir
Zeppelin battles and Spec Ops raid on Ilanskiy
British engage French fleet off Dakar
BB Hindenburg Sortie in Operation Fimbulwinter
German attack on Gibraltar in Operation Felix
O’Connor’s Operation Compass in the Western Desert
Rommel’s arrival and first offensive in Operation Sonnenblume
7th Flieger Div Raid on Malta
Action at Siwa Oasis in southern Egypt
Kinlan’s 7th Armored Brigade counterattack on Rommel
Major fleet action between British and combined Axis Fleets
Zeppelin raid on Berlin
British defense of RAF Habanniyah in Iraq
British launch Operation Scimitar vs Vichy French in Syria & Lebanon
Battle for Palmyra
Germans launch Operation Anvil vs Cyprus
German intervention in Syria
Kinlan’s 7th Armored Bde vs German 9th Pz Div
Action at Raqqah vs Ramcke’s 7th Flieger Div
Rommel’s 2nd Offensive vs Tobruk and British counterattack
Major airship battle over Ilanskiy
Hindenburg’s breakout into the Atlantic and  pursuit action by Kirov & Royal Navy





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