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Science Fiction Novels, by John Schettler

The Dharman Series Novels  - Comprised of Wild Zone, and Mother Heart and the series was recently extended with material written for a new volume. The first two books are now available.



The Dharman Series Novels, By John Schettler

Book I: Wild Zone - This series of linked novels begins with Wild Zone, when a Special Services Investigator, Lt. T.S. Ryan, is sent to the Colony Prospect on Dharma-Six on a routine investigation. The mission soon deepens in mystery when Ryan, who survives a harrowing system failure on entry, learns that the Security Station on the colony has been overrun and destroyed by an “unknown alien contact.” He heads for the research station on the Colony Safe Zone and finds it intact, though abandoned. Only three robotic assistants remain behind and, as Ryan begins his search for the mission research team members, the threat arising from the Dharma-Six begins to take on ominous proportions (Available in Trade paperback or eBook)


Book II: Mother Heart
- The series continues when Ryan and Caruso return to Dharma-Six to recover a lost team mate. Their trek into the Wild Zone leads them into conflict with a hidden alien species and a mysterious entity buried deep beneath the surface of the planet. Mother Heart deepens and broadens the peril emerging from the tortured biosphere of the planet, where humans have blundered upon an ancient feud being waged by an insidious virus and the creator of all life on Dharma-Six, Mother Heart.  (Available in eBook formats only)


Wild Zone
ISBN: 0-9713170-2-X (Print) - 978-0-9833542-3-9 (ePub)
Amazon Kindle (Mobi)

Sci-Fi Adventure ( 5.5” by 8.5” Quality Trade Paperback)
Full color cover
47 Chapters & Epilogue - 445 Pages
9 Illustrations, 1 Map
Author’s Introduction and Afterword
Avg Price: $15.00 Print $4.99 eBook

Mother Heart
ISBN: 978-0-9833542-4-6 (ePub)
Sci-Fi Adventure ( ePub, Mobi, PDF)
Sequel to Wild Zone
Full color cover
47 Chapters & Epilogue - 138120 Words
Author’s Introduction and Afterword
Avg Price: $4.99 eBook




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