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Rights for all novels published by the Writing Shop Press are held, in their entirety, by the author, and are therefore available in the following areas:

  • US / Canada / UK  General Publication and Distribution
  • Europe & International Rights for Publication, Translation and Distribution
  • Television or Motion Picture Screenplay Rights and/or Options

Rights are available for the following titles:

Kirov  Series - Military Fiction
Extensive alternate history of WWII involving the intervention of a modern day ship of war. The series will span 40 novels, arranged in 5 “Seasons” composed of 8 volumes each.

Meridian - A Novel In Time
ForeWord Magazine Silver Medal Winner
Science Fiction Book of the Year (2002).

Nexus Point - Sequel to the Award Winning Novel Meridian

Touchstone - Volume III in the Meridian Series (Now On Amazon Kindle)

Anvil of Fate - Volume IV in the Meridian Series (Now On Amazon Kindle)

Golem 7 - Volume V in the Meridian Series (Now On Amazon Kindle)

Dream Reaper - Mystery / Suspense Thriller (Horror)

Taklamakan - A Novel of the Silk Road (Historical Fiction)

Khan Tengri - (Taklamakan Book II - Historical Fiction)

Wild Zone - Science Fiction Adventure

Mother Heart - Sequel to Wild Zone

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