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Rhinelander - Book 40 in the Kirov Series

   The final battles of the war unfold in the West as the Allies plan to fight their way into the dread Hurtgen Forest, assault the Westwall to encircle Aachen, cross the Roer, and marshal on the banks of the mighty river Rhine. But in the midst of all these operations the Germans unleash their Panzer reserve in a major operation, code named Rhinelander, hoping to buy time and unhinge the Allied advance. Their objective is to encircle and destroy Patton’s 3rd Army, but they soon realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

   Cover to cover action presents all the battles that ended the war in the West, Hurtgenwald, Grenade, Lumberjack, Wacht Am Rhein, and finally Operations Plunder and Varsity as the Allies leap across the last great German defensive barrier to try and end the war.

   As this final volume of the alternate history of WWII concludes, all the major characters are poised to make their return journey to 2021, where they soon find another war, equally vast and deadly, simmers at the edge of the fire. As it continues into Season 6, the Kirov Series now returns to its roots, with all the action seen through the eyes of the officers and crew of the mighty ship that started it all, Kirov.

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