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Resurgent - The Next War - Book 4

After stunning setbacks in the Pacific, the US Navy regroups and again braves the threat of China’s ballistic missiles. As the Chinese plan a strategy of maritime isolation around Taiwan, the resurgent USN boldly challenges their operations northeast of Taipei on the Japanese island of Yonaguni.
 In the South China Sea, Argos Fire leads the Gator Navy on a campaign to neutralize reef island outposts and gain control of the Spratley Island region, China’s new maritime province of Sansha. They soon face strong opposition from powerful task forces built around the new carrier Taifeng.

In the meantime, Admiral Karpov leads the Russian Pacific Fleet on two major sorties to threaten the flank of US naval operations. Kirov and company are given free rein to begin commerce raiding in the Pacific. As tensions rise in Korea, China’s North Seas Fleet fights for control of the Yellow Sea. With war in Korea almost certain,  Karpov learns a vital task force carrying the US 25th Infantry Division is now at sea, and sets out to make sure it never reaches Japan.

New Readers Welcome!

   This is the third volume of the Next War segment of the Kirov Series, written in a way to welcome new readers interested in modern Naval Air combat in a great power conflict that may be on our doorstep. Because the main Kirov Series devoted 40 volumes to action set in the Second World War, in this segment of the saga, we get World War Three! Therefore, new readers do not need to read the mainstream 40 volume Kirov Series, and can enter the Next War by just starting with book 41, Homecoming. Everything you need to know is recapped by the author in this segment to bring you up to speed. When this segment concludes, you can then jump back to book 1 and take the ride to WWII.


The Kirov Series:

NOTE: This planned 8 to 12 book season has a dual function. It will stand as both a conclusion of all the story lines for regular series readers, as well as a  prelude to the main 40 book Kirov Series for new readers.

So new readers can enter the series with volume 41, Homecoming, as these volumes will be written in a way  to provide you with any info needed.

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