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“...Lose yourself in a world riveted with exacting detail, top notch historical research, a narrative style that is utterly captivating, with characters and dialog that keep you glued to every page. The Kirov Series is a masterpiece, by a master story teller in love with this history. The author presents a world as real and visceral as the war he is writing about, and when that history alters in the whirlwind of Kirov’s many battles, the outcomes are completely convincing... This series sets a new standard for alternate history military fiction that is simply unsurpassed. Its scale and scope is simply awesome! ...”

"As an author of 2 war novels and one soon to be published, I really  enjoyed this book. It was a well written page turner. Author really did  do his research. I can't wait for the next installment in the series  and see how the crew of the Kirov save the world from nuclear war with  their travels back to WW2 USSR." - George Mavromates, on "Men Of War," by John Schettler

Devil’s Garden as with all the books in the series continued the  excellent writing style I have come to expect from him. I stumbled upon the first book by chance after my wife bought me a tablet for my birthday a few months ago. Since then I have read all but two of John Schettler's books in record time. His books without a doubt take  the reader into the moment with every page and hold them until, sadly  the end comes. I personally had to force myself to stop reading so I  could get some sleep. Many times my wife would wake up at 3:00 AM and  ask if I had slept yet. When I finished the latest book in the series, I searched for more of his work and realized I had read them all. John; Keep up the great writing and also accept my personal thanks for the  noble efforts of your writing shop to promote new talent.
- R Estes California

Schettler created a cast that transcends everything the reader can  imagine times TEN, and then some. I was so sorry to reach the end. It  was like loosing good friends to a  unexpected accident. I can only hope that he finds the additional  inspiration to continue the saga. I have read every one of his books and have never once been disappointed. He is a truly gifted writer. He also is a person who has established a safe place for new writers to  flourish, a very commendable and noble thing it is to stand up as an  alternative to the old established publishing houses. Just one more thing. Treat yourself and start at the very beginning of the  series with "Kirov". The plot lines are long and complex so coming in at the middle of the series would be like arriving in the middle of a  great opera, a definite no no. I guarantee you it will be worth it!
- R

"I ordered this book last week, never having read the author before. This volume is a solid contribution to his list of works, which are listed  with helpful descriptions at the end of the book. I stayed up late to  finish it! I don't want to ruin the story, but I will be looking for  other reviews to see if readers have drawn the same conclusions as I. I  hope "Kirov" develops a sound fan base, and of course, that other  stories are coming in future. I will also be checking out Mr.  Schettler's previous works too. "Kirov" readers will draw the obvious  comparisons with John Birmingham's "Weapons of Choice"... modern warship travels back in time to WWII... but from there on out the story is Mr.  Schettler's own. I recommend highly!"
- Toni Knapp

 "Thoroughly enjoyed this naval adventure. I have read some of the authors other books and could not stop reading it until it was finished. Time  very well spent."
- Armond Vartanian

 "Russian battlecruiser from 2020s transported to 1941. Schettler writes  well and creates interesting full-fleshed characters -- all too rare in  alternate history as well as lots of other SF and fantasy -- as well as  pointing out the ambiguity of Russian motives, and has done his  research, including into Russian culture. He sometimes falls into the  TMI (Too Much Information) trap on military equipment and even on bios  of some minor characters, but that is a minor issue as the story moves along well. Those who like alternate history will appreciate the non-US slant, as well as the characters and plot."
- Crusty Critic

 "I enjoy military and historically based novels. This book is naval  warfare at its finest! The Kirov, a modern Russian ship against the  naval might of Great Britain and all the other naval combatants of World War II, tries to avoid disrupting recorded history but to no avail.  The action and plot build to a crescendo as the enemy combatants try to  figure out the mystery ship in their midst. This story will give you one  hell of a ride!"
- Ol'Warehorse

 "When I started reading this book, I struggled to put it down. The story  line was good and is up there with the best. I would have liked more  action both on board the Kirov and in battle. But none the less, I  ordered Kirov 2 and I'm sure it will be worth reading."
- David Feenstra

 "Kirov was an excellent read in the alternate history genre. Its Russian  flavour lent it a different feel from other stories in the same vein.  One small criticism - and it really is small - is the frequent misuse of grammar, particularly the apostrophe. Modern novelists don't seem to  get a grip on this little punctuation mark. This used to be the job of  the editor and proofreader. Still, I ordered Kirov II for my Kindle.  It's bound to be a good read, too."
 - R. Partridge

 "This is a novel approach to a mix of old and new! Mr. Schettler's story  is intriguing as well as cleverly written. His knowledge of Soviet Naval structure and tactics is strong and well used to develop the story  line. Any fan of naval operations and WWII history will enjoy this  novel. It will be interesting to see if the Kirov has any more  adventures!!!"
- Charles Dickson

 "Kirov popped up at the bottom of my computer screen as one of those  books that Amazon recommends based on your previous viewing history. At first I was somewhat skeptical as it struck me as being a rehash of the John Birmingham 'Axis of Time' trilogy where a modern naval task force  goes back in time to WW2 but I persevered based on the reviews and  downloading a sample for my Kindle. Though Kirov shares a similar  premise to John Birmingham's books it is very different and a great  read.

There is sufficient character development to help you grasp the motivations of the key characters and it has sufficient military  detail to be plausible. I feel it was written by someone with a good  understanding of modern navy systems but without putting in excruciating detail. There were only two weaknesses. The first is that I don't  think the author accurately captured the Russian culture with the crew  of the Kirov. They felt a bit too western. The second issue is that I  felt the book ended too soon leaving a lot unfinished. Another chapter  would have closed out the story line. Overall I enjoyed the book. I found it surprisingly gripping."
- Ian M.

 "As a big fan of alternative histories, I look forward to discovering new books in this genre. Lots of authors try, not so many suceed. Well,  this one you'll like. The author presents a well-written, nicely  thought out story of the alternative history genre. Click buy it now  and enjoy."
- Trusten

 "The impossible made plausible! Schettler is a marvelous craftsman... meticulously reweaving what was  with what cannot have been. The story continues the adventures of a  nicely drawn set of characters in a rapidly evolving situation and ends  in a logical resolution.... all but for one thing. I'm waiting  anxiously for the next installment!"
- Norman J. Harris

 "I love good alternate history books. They've been my favorite category  for the last few years. This, and it's predecessor, Kirov, are a good  example. Well written, with both good action and good drama! I do  recommend them, especially if you like alternate history and military  fiction."
- Blanchard Guthrie

 "I am a history buff, and I like military novels, but this one takes the  prize! The action is fast paced, and it's one that you just don't want  to end. The brilliant dialogue reveals much about the main characters. I read Kirov I, and I enjoyed it immensely, but I thought the action and plot moved much faster in Kirov II. The historical events and the many ships referenced in the book give it a touch of realism. One more  thing, the quotes and titles for each chapter are masterfully named  raising the level of anticipation and suspense. Let's have some more!"
- V. Barron

Excellent, riveting and yet believable. Unlike john Birmingham's axis of time series which had unbelievable ships and troops wading ashore  listening to iPods, this is much more believable and brilliantly  written. Ruthless focus on naval warfare, attention to detail including people... Eagerly waiting for the next book. Never have I read 15 books of same series in a row and not missed one sentence.
- Anandasubramanian

It's an awesome and powerful series, the alternate history angle is  fresh and riveting. I would love to see a blockbuster series of movies  by Spielberg!!!
- Kurt Fredricksen

Continuing with the story of exploding drama and great character  evolution, time does not stand still. You may stay up all night just to  get the finish, and find yourself still up in the air. The next book  needs to be quickly read or you will be weak waiting for it come out.
- Douglas Dickson

The Russians and their mighty ship are back in WWII again, this time  facing the Germans and British in a slightly different setting and with  time altered slightly different circumstances. No spoiler here, you  must read this one and wait with baited breath for the next installment. Mr. Schettler continues with his outstanding series revolving around  this mighty Russian battle cruiser and who knows how it will end. The  fun will be in finding that out so I can't wait for Altered States Vol  II

Interesting continuation of a series that started 15 books ago when a  Russian battlecrusier vanished into time. Now, we are in the midst of  World War II but in a different form from our own history. The author  weaves an intricate story of battles never fought using weapons never  seen in that era. The characters continue to heavily influence the  course of the war and the timeline of the story. Great read though it  sometimes got bogged down as we delved into deeper characterizations of  why each person took the path they did.
-Team JJ

I've been sucked into this series and can't get out. If you like alternate history, Schettler has found the ticket. I can't believe he's been cranking them out this fast, but i'm so happy - I've followed this through 14 other books and can't wait for more.

Can't wait for the next book in this great trilogy. This trilogy is  broken up into 4 different series with sub stories. It is best if you  read book one first so you know who the characters are. Once you start  you can't put it down and then you can't wait for the next one. Now you  have the crew of Kirov fighting the Germans in WWII. Then at the end of  the story you have a surprise hit you. I won't go into detail because it takes away from the next book. I highly recommend reading this great  trilogy because I know once you start you can't put it down,
- William A Bloom Sr.

I just can't stop reading this series. The characters are great' and the plot thickens with each book.

Yet another masterful re-telling of WWII through the eyes of a Russian  crew. Now, add in British GI's who were transported from WW III to WWII by a Russian nuke and you get a really interesting mixup of history.  The author also tells a good sea story about massive battles pitting  German, French, and Italian battleships against WWII British and the  uptime Russians along with a newcommer from the UK. Altogether a well  written tale begging to be continued.
- Teamjj1661

Did not see this turn coming! (In Three Kings) John keeps amazing me with his twists and  turns with the fabric of time... I have read every one of the series,  and find it enormously fascinating as a student of the history of WW2.  When I was younger I frequently had daydreams about what would happen if some form of modern technology... in my case 1940s-50s- aircraft .were  to appear in an earlier time. This series "scratches" that itch. I  cannot wait for the next episode! Do yourself a favor and start with #1 .... you will enjoy the ride!
- Robert Casamajor

Yet another interesting read from Shettler. New readers MUST seat from  th beginning Kirov novel,else be hopelessly lost. By it is well worth  it. This newest installment brings forth some new characters and new  twists that shall make th next few novels even more intriguing. There was a point about two novels ago, I thought th author was reaching  his limits, but I was wrong. Twas merely the interweaving of characters an background for the following novels.
Highly suggested for lovers of alternative histories.

 "Set  in WWII, it tells the story of a near-future (in our terms) Russian  nuclear-powered warship of the Kirov class of battlecruisers. Through  an anomaly in the nuclear power plant, the ship and all its men are transported back in time to WWII. All three initial books of this series are  fun to read, and I found the decision-making process depicted to be very entertaining, as well as politically "real." It was perhaps too much  of a stretch to have a junior officer aboard who is such an expert on  the order of battle for naval units of the 1940's, but that plot device  was probably necessary in order to set up the necessary  counter-movements. You will enjoy this book, and I would suggest that  you read them in their proper succession."
- E.F. Pesik Jr.

 "I am a huge fan of alternate history, especially when the author  actually has some historical savy. This is the third book of the Kirov  Series (includes a teaser that there will probably be a 4th). In the  first book, the Russian (guided missile) cruiser Kirov ( a few years in  the future of our time) suffers an incident that flips it back in time - World War II, prior to US intervention/Pearl Harbor attack, and into  the Atlantic. The second of the series sees the Kirov again traveling in time to the Mediterranian theater of war/WWII. This third book of the  series sees the Kirov splash into the Pacific theater of war/WWII. Each time the author does a really good job of weaving the real events of  the war into the narrative, and of course, the changes to the war that  occur due to the Kirov's continued appearances and disappearances.

 "If you are a fan of alternate histories, this is a series you really  should buy. I would suggest, in my humble opinion, that you purchase all of the series immediately, and start with the first book." The characters are well-written, you feel empathy for them in their plight.  Like the rest of humanity, their character traits are diverse, naive,  wise, saintly, evil, etc., with some gaining cathartic change through  their travels, some doggedly adhering to their base nature, some just  doing their best to survive the ordeals.
So, in a nutshell. Go buy them all. Enjoy it!"
- Trusten

I love anything about time travel, military history and military  fiction. This series has them all. I thought it would be over with book  4, but the continuation of the series is off to a great start. The  details of the battles are great and very accurate (I use Wikipedia a  lot on my Kindle to look up details). The historical references like Mr  Kirov are fantastic.

After reading this last book, I looked into  the author's previous works and to my surprise he wrote a very hardcore  time travel series called the Meridian series. I just finished the first book. I now see where his expertise in covering time travel comes from and his attention to little details in history that can change the  future.
- Patrick M. Daile

Another great book in the series. This one seemed to have a lot going on and I was hooked from the beginning. Cannot wait for the next one and thankfully, knowing John Schettler, we will not have to wait long :)
- Mark Winning




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