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Befuddled by Internet Jargon? You aren’t alone. Here are answers to some common questions asked by our clients.

What is a “Domain” and how do I get one?

A domain is just an address on the internet for your web site. They come in various flavors that end with .com for most commercial sites, .net for Internet companies and networks, .org for educational institutions and organizations, and .gov for government sites. New extensions are also available like .ws (for WebSite), .tv and others. You can “register” your own web site domain yourself by visiting ... or . If you prefer, we can research availability and have your domain set up for you. Once registered and set up on a host server, your web site is ready to publish to the Internet.

What is a Host Server ... Or where is my web site after you publish it?

Web sites are generally “hosted” on computers maintained by companies offering Internet connections. The host server is just a computer that “serves” or sends content over the Internet when browsers visit your site. Typical site hosting fees are about $20 to $30 / month. Some Internet accounts allow you space for a web site for free! If you don’t have a web host already, we can select a reliable host for you and publish your site there.

How do I make changes to my web site once it is on-line?

Just contact us by e-mail with the desired additions or changes, and we’ll update your site that same day. You can update weekly, monthly etc.  If you want to take the helm yourself, we’ll help you get started.

How will people find my web site on the Internet?

All web sites are “registered” at key search engines people use to surf the web. When we design your site, we embed crucial “keywords” in special places that allow search engines to quickly find, index and interpret your site. Then we register your site on the top ten search engines for free! If you want more marketing support, we can refer you to experts who will guide your on-line marketing effort to build site traffic.

Who can see my site once it is on-line?

Anyone in the world who has an Internet connection can visit your site. There are about 2 billion Internet users today, and that number will double in the years ahead. In short, your potential audience is unlimited!

How will I know how many people visit my site?

Statistics about your web traffic can be easily obtained from the web host.

Can people order my product or service on-line?

Certainly! We can set up your site to accept orders with simple FAX or e-mail systems, or more complex “shopping cart” systems. One of the easiest and most secure is the use of PayPal and special “Buy buttons” that are placed next to your products. You can have product samples, photos, and corresponding on-line order forms.

Can I expect to get rich as soon as I go on-line?

Probably not. It takes about a month for the search engines to index and catalog your site after publication, sometimes longer. Thereafter, your chances for success will depend on how well the Internet site is marketed...Just like any other aspect of your business. Few people get rich quick on the Internet, but the Web is a great way to advertise your business, keep your customers up to date, announce new products, services and pricing, and expand your customer base over time. The Internet is really the least expensive advertising money can buy.

I already have a web site...Can you re-design it for me?

We can download your entire existing web site into our web workstation, and do a complete overhaul, restyling, editing text content, and upgrading & optimizing all graphics.

Are your prices monthly or a one time fee?

Our prices are one time fees for the site design. We make no additional monthly charges, unless you decide to have your site updated, which is very inexpensive. Your web host may charge monthly for serving site content to Internet users, but we are a design company. All our fees are one time charges for design.

Great! How do I get started?

Just call the Writing Shop and make an appointment to talk about your web project! Not in our area? We have done sites for clients in many other cities. Just open your account with us and send us some initial content. We style your site and then stage it to the internet while it is under construction so you can offer feedback and watch it grow!

Questions on Web Design
Questions on Web Design

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