Marketing should command 2/3 of your total web budget.

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and launched a new web site. Now what? In working with web customers over the last few years I can say that the single biggest mistake they make after publication is a failure to market and promote the site effectively. The gold rush attitude about the web seems to instill them all with initial enthusiasm, but once on line, they largely ignore the site, and expect big results. Sadly, they are often disappointed.

Like any aspect of your business, a web site must be aggressively marketed to build traffic. In fact, industry experts say that at a minimum, you should devote three times the time and dollars you invested in the design to site marketing!

While the Writing Shop is a design company, we can offer you some valuable pointers on how you can go about marketing your site--but the work is up to you. Its your business!

Getting Found:

First off, you need to do an extensive search engine rollout after publication. Don’t rely on just the top engines, but get your site indexed as many places as possible. While most people will use top engines, many of these now “poll” a wide range of other search engines to build their data base. There are many web marketing specialists that will do this registration for you very cheaply. Here are a few links.

SubmitWolf: Here’s a nifty little program that can help get you into thousands of search engines fast, and even promises priority submissions to major engines in just 48 hours instead of the normal 4 to 6 week wait. Check it out!

Get Listed! Extensive Search engine registration is an essential first step to promotion...But considering that 10,000 new sites register each day, and millions of sites are all competing for the top 20 to 30 spots in a search engine, it is foolish to rely on search engines alone for your marketing.

Plan ahead! It can take up to six weeks before your listing appears in a busy search engine!

Update regularly! Your search listings should refresh every quarter for improved results.

Advertise! Your site address should be on all your cards, letterhead, flyers and advertisements. Don’t rely on search engines alone.

Get friendly! Visit other sites in your subject area and try to set up reciprocal links with them.

Fly your colors! Consider a web banner ad program at a popular portal site. (But be prepared for the cost!)

SubmitWolf PRO - Why pay a submission service to promote your web site?


More Great links to help you promote:

This link will do broad based registration for as little as $49.95, and more importantly, they will update your registrations regularly with their quarterly rollout plan. Do this!

These guys really have their act together! This site offers valuable information on how to promote your site. Many people need to learn how the Internet works before they can really understand how to market on-line.

You can add your site to more search engines with this quick and easy service!

A recent client hit statistics report showed that over 80% of their total site traffic resulted from a banner ad program they placed on a key business site within their industry...

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