Book II in the Award winning Meridian Series by John Schettler!

History was not the province of the great. Fate hinged on the simplest of things: loose knots, a casual stumble, a chance meeting, something inadvertently dropped, or lost, or found.

In this compelling sequel to the award winning novel Meridian, the project team members slowly come to the realization that a “Time War” is being waged by unseen adversaries in the future.

The quest for an ancient fossil leads to an amazing discovery hidden in the Jordanian desert. A mysterious group of assassins plot to decide the future course of history, just one battle in a devious campaign that will span the Meridians of time, both future and past.
Now the project team must decide which side to weigh in on, and discover how they can keep watch on the Meridian with an amazing little computer program created by Kelly Ramer.