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Still doing things the old fashioned way? Think email is the way most business is being done today?  Consider this...It takes 90 minutes for the average user before they read and respond to an email. It takes 90  seconds for the average user to read and respond to a text message. And it's not just the younger generation jumping on the smart phone craze. At least 25% of Boomers now own a smartphone or tablet, and this number is growing rapidly

People use their cell phones for everything now, and they keep them with them at all times. They call and text friends, shop, view rich media, utilize “Aps” read email, make airline and hotel reservations, and yes, they buy! So your customer is mobile...Why aren’t you?
With this strong trend now obvious, the next evolution of "web design" is the creation of Mobile Web Sites designed specifically for smartphone viewing. If you don’t have a mobile web site designed for optimal use on a smartphone today you are already losing business and traffic and next year this will double!


Your existing web site may be perfect for a desktop or laptop, but it will just look terrible on a cell phone. The pages will be too small, text unreadable without zooming, scrolling, zooming, scrolling, and links and buttons will be impossible to tap easily with fingers or thumb. In short, your existing web site will just not work for smart phones, which now command a rapidly growing segment of the web. 20% of users now come to a site for the first time through their cell phones, and 70% of mobile searches result in action within one hour!


A mobile web site designs everything for proper cell phone screen widths, and is created with simplicity and usability in mind. Viewers should not have to expand the page to zoom in so they can find a link big enough to tap on. This is why your mobile web site will be designed much like a cell phone “Ap”, with easy one tap navigation buttons to load pages, one tap “Call Me” icons that dial your designated phone number, special functions like location maps and even contact forms that will email you directly from the user’s phone.

Your mobile site need not have all the content of your primary web site, just the essence of your product or service mix. We review your existing web site to extract the core of your primary message, service or product base. Then we design easy navigation one tap buttons to major content areas, with an easy tap call to action on every page. Now your mobile viewers can actually browse your site!

What about your existing web site?

Keep it! (of course). But after we’ve designed your mobile web site we’ll place special code in your existing site that will detect whether or not a browser is using a smartphone and redirect them to your mobile site for a more functional and optimized experience.

I can use Google’s GoMo or other automated Mobile Site Converters...Why do I need you?

Try it. What you will see is that Google’s GoMo and its partner site Duda and other similar site converters are just template farms that create some simple nav buttons based on your links and then dump the entire content of your web pages into one messy column. In effect, all they are doing is down-scaling your page width to 320 to 640 pixel widths that cell phones use. Then they invite you to fix it with a clunky “design” interface. You won’t know what you are doing, and your web site will look like it. This is not professional design, quite frankly, it is bad design that creates a fairly ugly and confused looking mobile web site. You can’t just “convert” an existing web site to a good mobile site. You need the skills of a designer to get it right.

Ok...Then What does it cost?

We have packages you can choose from to meet your budget and get the essence of your web site’s content optimized for smartphone viewing. CLICK HERE to view pricing on your mobile web site today!


Now is the time to get ahead
of the competition with a functional and easy to use mobile web site designed specifically for viewing on smartphones!

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It's a new era. Steve Jobs re-invented the phone and other devices for what apple calls "the post PC era" and now look at these astounding stats starting to make headlines!


There are 6.8 Billion people on earth...5,1 billion have a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush!


The growth of the iPhone was 10 times faster than the growth of America Online (AOL)


Venture capital in mobile ap marketing went from $128 million to $592 million last year.


57% of all smart phone users now use their phone to browse the web every day.


91% of all US citizens have their mobile device within arm's reach at all times, 24/7.


70% of all mobile phone searches result in action within 1 hour!


14.3% of last Black Friday web traffic was attributed to mobile devices, and this number may double in 2012.

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