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ForeWord Magazine honors excellence in independent and small press publishing with its prestigious annual “Book Of The Year” competition. Judged by a jury of editors, librarians, booksellers and other industry professionals, the award is given for editorial excellence, production values and overall contribution to its genre. Meridian was the 2002 Silver Medal Winner for Science Fiction.

Meridian is a fast paced story of four project team members on the eve of the first live test for potential time travel into the past. Their plans to make an innocuous visit to the Globe Theatre in the year 1612 to watch Shakespeare’s The Tempest are rudely interrupted by a terrorist attack that threatens to create one of the greatest catastrophes in history.

 A six hour interval presents the possibility of reversing the disaster, if the team acts quickly. They are soon aided by a mysterious visitor and hard at work on a new target date and a mission of great urgency. It will take them to the Arabian Desert in the year 1917 where they follow in the wake of one of history’s most enigmatic and daring figures, Lawrence of Arabia.

It was the eve of a grand experiment... The first ever attempt to travel in time...

... In the Writer’s Digest 2002 ‘Book of the Year’ contest  Judge’s score: 9.5 / 10  ( Read the Judge’s Review )

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Meridian - ASIN: B0029U196I
Foreword Magazine Silver Medal Winner for Science Fiction Book Of The Year

  • Sci-Fi Time Travel ( 5.5” by 8.5” Quality Trade Paperback)
  • Full color cover
  • 30 Chapters & Epilogue - 360 Pages
  • Author’s Afterword
  • Avg Price: $15.00 Print $4.99 eBook

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