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ForeWord Magazine honors excellence in independent and small press publishing with its prestigious annual “Book Of The Year” competition. Judged by a jury of editors, librarians, booksellers and other industry professionals, the award is given for editorial excellence, production values and overall contribution to its genre. Meridian was the 2002 Silver Medal Winner for Science Fiction.

... In the 2002 ‘Book of the Year’ contest open to self published / small press authors.  Judge’s score: 9.5 / 10


“A striking cover and excellent production values make this a book one would pick off a rack. That would be a rewarding move, for Meridian is a science fiction novel combining history, quantum theory, and time travel in a highly intriguing manner.

The author has a firm grasp of concepts here, and his understanding of the potential danger of travel into the past is finely tuned.  The team of scientists involved in developing the Arch, their device for moving through time, is composed of interesting people who seem very real and compelling.

The plot is more than complex, yet he keeps it very clear to the reader.  The return through time of a man from the future comes at a point when a mega tsunami, caused by the collapse of a wall of a volcano in the Canary Islands, is on its way toward the U.S.  His enigmatic message that they alone can avert the disaster through returning to 1917 and changing a small detail in the career of T.E. Lawrence sets the team on a perilous course.  The ending is both believable and satisfying, and the writing is top-notch.

This is a nine and a half on a scale of ten.  It should have been snapped up by a commercial publisher.


Meridian – A Novel in Time
Science Fiction / Time Travel
By John Schettler
The Writing Shop Press
ISBN  0-9713170-1-1 (Print Edition) - 978-0-9833542-5-3 (ePub Edition)

History Turns At The Whim Of Little Things…

The great turning points of history are known to us all and easily come to mind…D-Day, the first landing on the moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall  and 9-11 are just a few moments in contemporary history that might be thought of as critical turning points that had profound effects on all the events that followed them. The truth, however, is that they had nothing at all to do with how the future turned out! The real culprits are tiny moments of insignificance, buried in the meridian of time—the cows that kick the oil lamps of history, and set whole cities ablaze. John Schettler’s Meridian is a fascinating tale about a team of researchers who are trying to find those dangling, errant threads of history that become the real instigators of significant change—the “Pushpoints” that will set the great chains of events in motion to define future time.

Meridian tells the story of a terrorist plot that will lead to the downfall of all Western civilization. The research team  is desperately searching for that single moment in the weave of time that can reverse the disaster before it is too late. It’s a job that could rightfully take years to complete, but they have just six hours. In a masterfully plotted adventure into history, John Schettler introduces us to four project team members in chapter one. Paul Dorland is the chief physicist in development of “the Arch” a device that is capable of “teaching” an artificially created singularity how to open the gateways of time and permit travel into the past. Professor Robert Nordhausen, aided by a mysterious visitor,  leads the history research effort, and Kelly Ramer is the mathematical genius at the helm of a network of computers responsible for processing the complex algorithms and calculations required to navigate the waters of time. Like the great discoverers in history, the ocean of time is bisected with a series of meridians and nexus points where hidden causes exert enormous influence of the course of future events. The consequences of tampering are very real, which is where the fourth member of the project team comes in. Maeve Lindford is head of Outcomes and Consequences, and she serves as a critical anchor and counterpoint to the other three team members as they plan the mission that will decide the fate of the West.

These four believable and interesting characters are drawn largely through well written dialogue as they meet on the eve of the first crucial trial run for their time travel project. But hold on!  The author has a real surprise in store for you right from the beginning. One of the team members is late, and he staggers in with the news that will set the plot rolling forward with twists and turns that are wholly compelling and handled with the skill and craftsmanship of a master story teller—for what is a story without a well managed plot?  It is here that Meridian really shines. By the time you finish the first three chapters you will be strapped in your seat and ready to take the ride.  Without giving anything away, the author delivers a convincing story, with an intriguing premise: that something as simple as a broken rifle strap, or a careless stumble in the desert could wreak havoc on all the eons of time yet to unfold. The ending is believable, satisfying and well supported by the story. The author’s Afterword will leave you thinking about all those little “quirks of fate” that go unnoticed in time, and wondering if that broken vase or misplaced set of car keys is about to wreak havoc upon future generations.

Meridian is an undiscovered gem of a book that you can find in most major on-line book sellers like Just search for it by title or author, and you won’t regret a single moment you spend with this tale! Be sure to pick up the other books in this wonderful series! It series just gets better as it goes along!

-A. Copeland

Meridian Time Travel

Meridian, John Schettler (Science Fiction - Time Travel)
The Writing Shop Press

Volume II: Nexus Point
Volume III: Touchstone
Volume IV: Anvil of Fate
Volume V: Golem 7


Reader Review:
Best time travel theory I've read!, 2011

I just had to review this novel because I so thoroughly enjoyed it.
“Meet the very first people to travel through time! They live here in the Bay Area and it's the night before they are about to conduct a human test of their arch through time. A stranger shows up from the future to tell them they will be successful in their experiment but he has been sent back in time to give them a task to save western civilization from a cataclysmic catastrophe! As the story unfolds the author expounds on his theory of time which is one of the best and most coherent yet simple theorems I've ever read. He views Time as a somewhat organic fabric that responds to great events and allows things to change at certain nexus points, always remembering that cause and effect is constantly operating a zero sum game!

All I can say is if you're a time travel fan you have to read these books. They are well written, backed by good solid scientific thought and tell a great story. I'm telling all my friends about it so I can talk about them with someone. Just finished the second book and now I'm off to the third one! I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!”
- Jez Stratton

Reader Review: This Book Rocks! 2011

“I'm so glad I had a Kindle to read this book! Apparently this book was self-published by the author as an e-book because it was not picked up by any major publishing company. Their loss. While the book was a formulaic thriller (think Dan Brown with a Michael Crichton theme) it freaking ROCKED. I was gripped on every page and I gasped frequently in shock and dismay.”

Read this book!
- Hillary

Reader Review: Love The Paradox, 2011
The time travel aspect is really fun, and I have to admit, there were a few suspenseful parts where I was tempted to read the end to make sure everyone was okay. But I didn't. My favorite part of any time travel book is the notion of paradox, and the author does a great job here.

...I think I need to read the second one, Nexus Point to see if anything left up in the air gets resolved.”
- Nancy

Reader Review of Series Book V: Golem 7, 2012
"It's extremely difficult to find a well written time travel novel. Most of the time you put up with some really hairy fairy ways that the travel process happens. Not so with John Schettler's books. The Meridian series is an outstanding well written time travel/historical novel. Aside from the four main characters most of the people involved in the book you can look up on Wikapedia right down to the captain on the German submarine. That takes one hell of a lot of research. Granted some of the historical facts are twisted but that makes for exciting reading coming from a brilliant imagination. One parting gift in the last chapter is that dirty guy, Schettler, doesn't close the book. You've still got a "hook" left. Come on John, just one more book PLEASE!" - Darrell Fichtl

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