Maps listed here can be downloaded using the links below. They are presented as the story needs them, in the order of events that unfold in this volume, and might contain some Spoilers.

For Part I
Wilem - The map of Starfall where he enters the Alderenh

For Part I
Kaspar’s route from Starfall through the Eldarhorn to Waykeep

For Part II
Lyndra - The coming of the Khazars to Lyndra

For Part II
Kaspar’s route as he flees Lyndra through Lunewood to Sangur.

For Part III
Rhaingoll and the Falconbridge

For Part IV
The battle on the South March of Penfro - Mourgil Mar

For part V - Delling

For Part VI
Frey’s Journey through Ermenrich to Bomark

Frey’s Journey through Bomark

Irondale and the fighting in Dreminwydd for the Wends

For Part VII - The Pellasur

For Part VIII
Khazars advance through the Argentyne to Rhainnith

For Part IX
Capitol of Innisfail at Ramath Innis

For Part X
Sonderin’s Realm - The battle for Hallowfield

Fpr Part XI
The battle for the Raedwall

ForVolume II-  Coming of the Dharmans

Other Locations:
- Tamargyn Isles - The Eldarhorn

Far Gorgessa - Old Mindemoya - The Alderenh (Large file)


Soregor Valley

Assault on Aberlemno

The Underworld

The far North

The Bone Fortress

Book III additions

Tower of Nindafell

The Far East (North)

Middle East


The Imperial Palace


For Book IV:

The Battle of Longwood

Map of Lyndra-800

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