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Kill Chain - The Next War - Book 2

As the Russian Operation Blizzard surges into the North Cape, Kirov leads the North Fleet into the first major engagement of the next war, the Battle of the Denmark Strait. The tension mounts as two American carrier strike groups continue to advance, and Captain Karpov must use both skill and guile to seize control of the engagement and coordinate his attack with a massive raid by the Russian Backfire bomber squadrons from the Kola Peninsula. Relying on his superb long range missiles, Karpov must advance into the lion’s den to get the bulk of his task force into position to attack. But the American planes are already in the skies, bringing their own wrath to face the Russian threat.

The greatest naval battle since the Second World War is about to begin, and the cost in both steel and blood will be high, as all the officers and crew of the mighty Kirov sail into the cold deadly waters of World War Three!



The Kirov Series:

NOTE: This planned 8  to 12 book season has a dual function. It will stand as both a conclusion of all the story lines for regular series readers, as well as a  prelude to the main 40 book Kirov Series for new readers.

So new readers can enter the series with volume 41, Homecoming, as these volumes will be written in a way  to provide you with any info needed.

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