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Airships figure prominently in the action between the fractured Russian states, mounted with recoilless rifles in the 76mm to 105mm range to create air battleship duels in the skies over the vast Russian wilderness!  Ivan Volkov’s Orenburg Federation maintains the largest fleet in the world with 24 active airships in service. Duralumin frames and self sealing gas bags lined with a new material called “Vulcan” extend the life of the airship into WWII

Orenburg Airships-1942-

Kirov’s new “Rocket weaponry” spurs development of that technology as the war proceeds. Here you see the British mounting their first Anti-Aircraft missile defense batteries.Note also the early warning radar in the upper left.

Below: Kolchak, leader of the Free Siberian State.

Kolchak - Karpov - image_gallery

Below, the Alsace “Project C” class French battleship renamed Normandie in the Altered States series. This formidable ship mounts three quadrupedal 15-inch gun turrets, giving it 50% more firepower than the German battleship Bismarck, which had only 8 15-inch guns.

But which side will claim this prize in the struggle to secure the French Fleet?


A second jewel in the powerful French Fleet, the new fleet carrier Joffre, with 42 planes.


Below the fast battleships of the Royal Navy for size comparison


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