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The map above shows the German 101st Heavy Panzer Brigade forming up south of Malakhovo, the scene of a large tank battle, which is just off map to the north.


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German tanker Kurt Knispel is elated to take command of one of the newly arriving VK-55L Lowe (Lion) Panzers. While truly a heavy tank at 55 tons, it is nonetheless the lightest version of th eLoew series, and will later be succeeded by the VK-70 and the VK-90.

These tanks begin to arrive in the reinforcements sent by Hoth, restoring Germany’s superiority in armor in mid September of 1941. Only Schwerepanzerbrigaden 101 and the 7th Panzer Division have these tanks in this battle, and most other German Panzer Divisions do not receive them until early 1942.

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