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Left is a map showing the historical drive by Guderian on Tula in October and November of 1941. In the Altered States, this action, presented in Nemesis, occurs much earlier, in September. The order of battle is also different, and Guderian’s initial advance has only the 24th Panzer Korps available.

ALTERED STATES: German Order of Battle

XXIV Panzer Korps - von Schweppenburg

3 Pz Div - Model
4 Pz Div - Langermann
10 Mot Div
267 Inf Div
255 Inf Div
Lehr Battalion
Korps Artillery and support troops

They will be opposed at Mtsensk by the Soviet 1st Special Rifle Corps, and later by elements of two new arriving Soviet Armies.

The Action in Nemesis presents firs the encounter at Mtsensk as Guderian’s advance runs into the Russian blockign force on the road to Tula.

Soviet First Special Rifle Corps

5th Guards Rif Div
6th Guards Rif Div

4th Tank Bde - Katukov
11th Tank Bde- Bondar

201 Para Bde
10 Para Bde
36th MC Bn
Tula Artillery School
Rct Artillery & Support Troops

The maps below show the initial approact to MtSensk by KG Eberbach, and then the situation after the arrival of the Russian reinforcements, 5th Reserve Army and the vaunted 1st Siberian Shock Army, some of the troops rushed to Kirov’s aid by Vladimir Karpov. In response, the Germans receive additional support from Guderian’s 29th Motorized Division, and Hoth’s 3rd Panzergruppe, which sends Guderian his 7th Panzer Division and Germany’s newly formed Schwerepanzerbrigaden 101, with the first of the newly designed “Big Cats.”

KG Eberbach advances up the road from Orel with 2 battalions of German Pz III and Pz IV tanks, a supporting MC Battalion and artillery. He meets the 1st Special Rifle Corps, in its initial defensive positions. Two other Guards Rifle Divisions wait further north on the road to Tula.


After 4th Pz Div pushes through Mtsensk, Model’s 3rd Pz Div takes the lead and 4th Pz eventually comes up on its right. The two divisions run right into the counterattack of the 1st Siberian Shock Army on Sept 10, 1941. (Altered States History Timeline)


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German tanker Kurt Knispel is elated to take command of one of the newly arriving VK-55L Lowe (Lion) Panzers. While truly a heavy tank at 55 tons, it is nonetheless the lightest version of th eLoew series, and will later be succeeded by the VK-70 and the VK-90.

These tanks begin to arrive in the reinforcements sent by Hoth, restoring Germany’s superiority in armor in mid September of 1941. Only Schwerepanzerbrigaden 101 and the 7th Panzer Division have these tanks in this battle, and most other German Panzer Divisions do not receive them until early 1942.

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