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Doppelgangers... The Germans begin accelerated rocket development, and soon new and deadly weapons of war will darken Europe’s battlefields.


Moskit-II “Sunburn” Anti Ship Missile - 450kg Penetrating Warhead


Early version of German Missile system designed during WW-II

The graphics below reveal certain aspects of the plot of Doppelganger, and readers may wish to consult these after they read the novel, or when they encounter these elements in the story.

THE FORMATION OF DUAL HEISENBERG WAVES is depicted in the graphic below, showing how the original Heisenberg wave from 1908 splits when it encounters paradox time, and becomes two wave sets. The waves overlapping beyond the paradox create a “Zone of Chaos”  and the wave also causes a “Backwash” that can alter events in the past.



First off - This chart reveals story resolutions presented in Doppelganger.   We advise that you do not review this chart until you have finished reading that book!

Lines are color coded to associate major characters movement through time. Green lines are those  for Fedorov, brown lines for Karpov and the red lines are for shifts make by the submarine Kazan. All lines drawn ABOVE the thick black line labeled “ORIGINAL MERIDIAN” are shifts to the past. All lines drawn BELOW the thick black line labeled “ORIGINAL MERIDIAN” are shifts from some point in the past to a future time, with one exception: SPOILER ALERT - The dark Blue line is a shift by Kirov to the past.)

Note the thick grey line that angles away from the Original Meridian near 1908. This is the Altered State of history caused by Kirov’s intervention in 1908. The red line here shows Kirov shifting forward with Kazan into the 1940s, but they do not land on the original meridian. Instead they appear in the altered meridian, and begin moving towards Paradox Hour from June 1940. The Altered Meridian has so changed the history that it cannot give rise to the original shift by Kirov to the past. SPOILER: But these changes have not yet migrated forward yet to 2021, and so the original shift event from book one does occur, as it must, but now Kirov appears in the Altered Meridian, because the changes from 1908 initiated have already reached the 1940s.


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