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Historical operations of King Column and Habforce, with support from the 10th Indian Division from Iraq.


Structure of the German 22nd Luftland Air Landing Division, veterans of the 1940 campaign in the Low Countries. These troops were among the first to be rushed to Syria by the Germans in the Alternate history depicted in Hammer of God.

Map showing the approach to Damascus on the right flank of Operation Exporter, (renamed “Operation Scimitar” by Churchill in this retelling of events. The Russian Marines and Argonauts held positions just west of Qatana while the Gurkha Battalion drove on Aartouz and the airfield. The main British and Free French positions were on the river attacking Kissoue (Kisawah) and Tel Afar.

Below: A close up of the German attack west of Qatana by elements of the 5th Mt. Division


Below this is a diagram showing the German XIV Korps ordered to Syria to stop Operation Scimitar. The second division depicted beneath 9th Panzer Div is the Wiking SS Motorized Division under Steiner.

Battle West of Qatana

Below: Map of the oil pipelines from Kirkuk through Syria and Iraq and Jordan. These were the lifelines feeding the British Army in the Middle East.


A General Map of Vichy controlled Syria, the battleground in “Operation Scimitar”


BELOW: Diagram showing the battle at the vital Airfield of Habbaniyah


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