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Argos Fire joins the fight with her suite of Aster Missile family air defense assets, the “Sea Viper” system.


The Modern Challenger II Main Battle Tank

Protection Levels vs KE (Kinetic Energy) and HEAT

Note that in some locations the armor provides the equivalent of nearly 2000mm of armor vs HEAT round, though this is not universal and there are places where the protection is much less.

Yet to date no Challenger II tank has been “killed” by enemy fire in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and there were instances of a Challenger surviving up to 70 hits by AT weapons and still remaining battle worthy.

The Germans will have to look for ways of effectively targeting the weaker points on the tank, a painful process of trial and error that will be paid in blood and steel.

Below: The powerful French Navy, with fast, modern ships.

French Navy_fr39

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