It has been said that everything that is powerful will one day come under siege. And that was the fate of all Empires, particularly here, in this strange and wild land, with war brewing on every frontier of Innisfail.

It wasn’t the lances, swords, and axes that would win this war, it was the people behind them, and those who would lead them, the choices and decisions they would make or neglect, the courage and heart they would show, and of course, a good Mage or two would never hurt. For Morgin Grenfell, a High Duke in the Western Outlands of the empire, it would first become a battle with grief over the loss of both friendship and love, and a disturbing confrontation with the one man he had set out to defend, the Emperor of Innisfail. The heart of civilization on this wild continent,  Innisfail was the only empire still standing after Starfall, when the Gods hurled a falling star at Old Mindemoya, and crushed its thousand year old history in the blinding flash of a single moment.

Starfall was now the name of a very special place in the desert, and it is there that one Wilem Doran finds himself awakening one morning in the center of a vast crater, bewildered and lost in what seems like an impossible dream. The only things that remain of his old life of service with the 2nd inNew Zealand Corps in General Montgomery’s 8th Army were the weapons he carried, and his odd clothing and helm.

Who was this man who could kill at ranges well beyond the best longbow, or by simply pointing his hand? To Wilem it was no mystery, for that hand simply held a standard service pistol, and for other targets, he was an expert marksman and sharpshooter with his rifle. Yet now he found himself in a place where he held the only SMLE-3 Lee-Enfield rifle in the world, the only Bren Light Machine gun as well. These weapons astounded the strongest knights, but could one man make a difference in this war? Wilem Doran was going to try.

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Yes, there are Lords and Ladies... and then there are Dreadlords, not just one, but three in this world. Above: Luthgondriel, who rules over Dark Mornaland, Magamord, Gorgathor and Dharma.

In the south, his brother Sonderin rules all of Varmador, Verminad and Troneshar, and he has made himself master of Grimwood, wherein lies his “Vile Host,” a beastiery of things only thought to be legends and fairy tales, all now walking the clear light of day.

Beneath Soregor Valley lies the subterranean Underworld, ruled by the Witch Queen Morwenna.

It is bad enough that the barbarian hosts of the Khazars, Hunding and Gorg now press upon the frontiers of free lands. Now these three Dreadlords rise to join them!

Sencha Windweaver ` A High Mage


Come discover Innisfail ! Download the maps keyed to each part of the story as you need them.

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