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Golem 7 - Hunt for the Bismarck
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Golem 7 Kenneth Campbell

Above: Flight Officer Kenneth Campbell, who made the fated attack on Gneisenau in Brest Harbor, April 6, 1941. His Beaufort, (pictured below) and the gallantry he displayed in the chase, plays an important role in the campaign.

Right: Royal Navy units in the hunt for the Bismarck

Royal Navy Hunt for the Bismarck
bristol-beaufort in hunt for the Bismarck
Marli-Chernev-Bismarck and U-556

Marli Chernev’s exceptional painting of  Bismarck and U-556, training together in the Baltic. Their fate was strangely entwined when Wolfarth, Kapitan of U-556, pledged to defend Bismarck from all harm--a pledge he does his best to carry out in this fast paced alternate history campaign.

Lutjens Commander of Bismarck

Adm Lutjens, Commanding the Bismarck Task Force makes some alarming decisions, some seemingly minor, yet others of major import to the outcome of the campaign

Otto Fein - Kapitan of Gneisenau

Otto Fein, Kapitan of the German Battlecruiser Gneisenau. The surprise sortie he makes and chance encounter with Royal Navy Force H causes a major variation in the naval campaign against the Bismarck.

Wohlfarth - Kapitan of U-556
John Tovey in th eHunt for Bismarck

Dubbed “Sir Parsival” by his comrades, Wohlfarth, (Left) is decorated here by Admiral Doenitz

Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Tovey leads the hunt for the Bismarck.

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