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It's extremely difficult to find a well written time travel novel. Most  of the time you put up with some really hairy fairy ways that the travel process happens. Not so with John Schettler's books. The Meridian  series is an outstanding well written time travel/historical novel.

Aside from the four main characters most of the people involved in the book  you can look up on Wikapedia right down to the captain on the German  submarine. That takes one hell of a lot of research. Granted some of the historical facts are twisted but that makes for exciting reading coming from a brilliant imagination.

One parting gift in the last  chapter is that dirty guy, Schettler, doesn't close the book. You've  still got a "hook" left. Come on John, just one more book PLEASE!

- Darrell Fitchel

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Golem 7 - Hunt for the Bismarck

“One of the best conceived alternate history novels I have ever read, this thrilling spin on the hunt for the Bismarck will keep you turning pages and wanting yet more by the time you finish it. Thankfully, you do get more. Schettler has also penned the fast selling naval thrillers of the Kirov Series with a little dash of time travel thrown in to that stew as well, and Admiral Tovey and his Chief of Staff Daddy Brind are back again in a campaign to find and sink a mysterious German raider...or so they believe. All in all, some of the best naval fiction to come out in years...”
--T. Shaw


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