Meridian Series V: Golem 7

Sink The Bismarck!

Three days after the conclusion of  Volume IV, Anvil of Fate, the project team still has “unfinished business.” The Palma event still ravages the Meridian, and Professor Nordhausen has his hand on the neck of the man he believes is ultimately responsible for the catastrophe.

The Golem trail leads the team to one of the greatest naval sagas of all time, the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck!

The book examines all the strange mishaps, odd decisions, quirks of fate and sheer luck that stacked up one upon another to lead to the sinking of Germany’s greatest ship...but something has gone awry and the Bismarck survives its maiden voyage, with startling consequences. Now the project team must find out why.

Join Physicist Paul Dorland, Historian Robert Nordhausen, Math and Computer genius Kelly Ramer, and the redoubtable head of Outcomes & Consequences, Maeve Linford as they sleuth the history to identify the key Levers, Prime Movers and hidden Pushpoints in this exciting alternate history tale of the hunt for the Bismarck.