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Event Horizon - Book 34 in the Kirov Series

   The War in the East sees a dramatic reversal when Volkov’s bid for an alliance with Soviet Russia is rejected. Now he seeks terms with the Germans, even as they struggle to contain the Soviet Autumn Wind offensive. Both sides labor to build up forces on the new Second Front in France, and the Allies plan a bold new strategy in the Pacific. The US begins with the invasion of the Gilberts, and the landings on Tarawa and Makin Island catch the Japanese by surprise. After the Japanese take Milne Bay, MacArthur plans a reprisal at Port Moresby. Now Admiral Kita must decide whether to intervene directly in the struggle for the Marshall Islands before the inevitable tide of American power  can overwhelm Japan.
    Finally arriving home,  the crew of Kaiser Wilhelm receives a warm welcome and a new mission that will send them to the deep South Atlantic again. This time, they serve as Germany’s most dangerous new commerce raider.
   Meanwhile, Karpov and Fedorov realize Tyrenkov has betrayed them, and now they plan to confront him by making a dangerous journey to the epicenter of chaos—The Tunguska Event.

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