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A Writing Shop Editor will help smooth things out


Editorial Support: Have you used a “Print On Demand” service to bring out your book? Most POD publishers will format your manuscript or correct errors you find yourself, but offer no editorial support. If you have read this far we know you are confident in the quality of your work and serious about publishing. If, however, you would like a Writing Shop Associate to do a final read on your manuscript, and look for those “little darlings,” you can order an editorial review of your book before it goes to publication.


1) Basic Sweep - This is a basic review for any major spelling error or grammatical “gaf” (gaffe). We’ll use automated software to make this sweep and then an editor will correct any errors found. The cost for this auto sweep is $195.

2) In Depth Line Edit: This is a complete read and editorial review. We’ll find and fix minor errors involving typos, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb-noun agreement, missing or needed words, incomplete sentences, etc. We will do an initial review and format if you are using us as your book block designer, and then one final review when the format is nailed down. Pricing is based on your word count at $0.010 / word, which is well below rates charged at services like Trafford.

We don’t re-write your work. This is an editing service. The rule of editing is “Three heads, six eyes.” If you want another head and a pair of trained eyes to look over your manuscript before it goes to press, this service is for you.


Will we catch everything? Even the best editors sometimes read through a minor error without noticing it. We’ll do our best  to find and correct manuscript errors, but we are human too. The responsibility for final review and revision of the manuscript always rests with the author.  Most editorial sweeps generally result in several hundred corrections, and the benefit of this to you will far outweigh the things we may miss. The editing process is one of the most most important things you may do after finishing your book to insure its success. Take the time to get it right now, before it is set in printer’s ink and placed between the dignity of two covers.

What if you disagree with a suggested revision? There are often stormy seas between an author and an editor. Some authors see revision as a natural and needed process, others battle to retain their original text, come what may. You are the author. It’s your call. We will explain our reasoning for the suggested revision, and quote you any relevant passage from an independent source such as the Chicago Manual of  Style, but the decision on the final text is yours.  If, however, we find the author continually rejects editorial advice to the point where they insist on retaining style and grammatical errors, we reserve the right to withdraw from the editing process. Our intention is to aid and support your effort, but we also need your cooperation. Some writers break grammatical rules as a matter of style...but you have to know the rules before you break them to get away with this, and it is not advisable--particularly if this is your first book.

You’ll pay hundreds, even thousands more for in depth editing service at places like Trafford... And template based publishers like Outskirts Press simply don’t offer this level of editorial support.


We go by word count as opposed to page count on editing jobs. The current rate is $0.010 per word. (1/10th cent)

Take your word count and multiply by 0.010 for an estimate of the price.

30,000 words x 0.010 = $300
40,000 words x 0.010 = $400
50,000 words x 0.010 = $500

Compared this to other services like Trafford, where you will pay a minimum of  $0.029/per word. And Outskirts Press does not even offer this level of in depth editing support!

Busy Pen Fee

Some writers are very competent and their work does not require much correction. They are just wanting another set of professional eyes on the manuscript before they move forward with publication.

Other writers may require many corrections and our pen gets very busy. If we find that a manuscript needs more than 5 corrections per 300 words we assess a 0.002 fee and if it reaches 10 or more corrections per 300 words we assess a 0.005 fee.

30,000 words x 0.005 = $150. busy pen fee

Yet even with this added your are still saving hundreds off rates charged by Trafford!


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