Professional editing service for authors. Choose from a light manuscript proofing to in depth line edit.

We know you are confident in the quality of your work and serious about publishing. If, however, you would like a Writing Shop Associate to do a final read on your manuscript, and look for those “little darlings,” you can order an editorial review of your book before it goes to publication.


1) Basic Sweep - This is a basic review for any major spelling error or grammatical “gaf” (gaffe). We’ll use automated software to make this sweep and then an editor will correct any errors found. The cost for this auto sweep is $195.

2) In Depth Line Edit: This is a complete read and editorial review. We’ll find and fix minor errors involving typos, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb-noun agreement, missing or needed words, incomplete sentences, etc. We will do an initial review and format if you are using us as your book block designer, and then one final review when the format is nailed down. Pricing is based on your word count at $0.010 / word.