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Dragonfall - Book 35 in the Kirov Series

The decisive year of 1943 careens to a dramatic conclusion in all theaters of the war. In the east, the Soviets launch a bold new offensive aimed at recapturing Moscow. In Southern France, the Allies strive to break the stalemate and drive north, with breakouts by Patton, O’Connor and Montgomery all competing for headlines. In the Pacific, the US Navy strikes deep into the Marshalls at Kwajalein-Roi-Namur, while MacArthur invades Tulagi, leading to a dramatic carrier showdown in the Solomon Sea on the scale of Midway.

Admiral Yamamoto enlists the support of Admiral Kita to face down the Americans, only to find the dread nemesis, Mizuchi, has come south to challenge Kita’s flotilla in a daring ambush. Meanwhile, Karpov and Fedorov struggle to recover from the massive Tunguska Event, and race to Ilanskiy in time to find and stop Tyrenkov’s nefarious plot to seize power in 1908.

NOTE: Book 35 in the Kirov series has been re-titled Dragonfall, and book 36 will then inherit the title “1944.”

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