Kirov Saga: - Devil’s Garden

Book VII in the Kirov Series ~ Nine Days Falling-Vol. III

   Anton Fedorov and Sergeant Troyak have finally found Orlov, but the German army is coming!  Now they must lead a daring assault with Russian Naval Marines in a struggle to get their man before the Germans do. The action thickens as Russian hovercraft and modern AFVs storm ashore with the Marines to face down the advancing German Panzers. And even as the battle rages, Orlov faces Commissar Molla with his one chance to fulfill a simmering personal vendetta.
   In 1945, the battlecruiser Kirov has vanished in the midst of the final battle against the US Navy, and now the fate of the Russian Destroyer Orlan is revealed. While Admiral Volsky and Pavel Kamenski search the history for clues of what happened to the Red Banner Fleet, Captain Karpov and his intrepid ship appear in a new era with a chance to change the future history of Russia and the world with a bold new  campaign at sea.
   Meanwhile, Elena Fairchild reveals a deep secret to Captain Gordon MacRae, and together they lead the Argos Fire on a strange rendezvous  with destiny at a place that has spoken the voice of fate and time throughout ages past.
   The strange journey of Sir Roger Ames, Duke of Elvington deepens the mystery at Lindisfarne Castle as the clock ticks slowly toward a last fateful hour when the world may be caught up in the final maelstrom of war. When Anton Fedorov learns the fate of Kirov, he launches one last desperate mission to preserve the time line of history and prevent the great cataclysm from occurring.

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