• Leonid Volsky

    Commander of the Red Banner Northern Fleet, Volsky leads Kirov out during a time of heightened tensions for live fire exercises in the Norwegian Sea. In his middle 60s, Volsky is much loved by the crew, who see him as a father figure and have come to call him “Papa Volsky,” or “King of the Northern Seas.”

    A good natured and reasonable man, Volsky’s experience and wisdom guides the younger officers through the crisis they face, though he is plagued by medical issues, and wounds suffered in combat. Yet worse then these is the deception and rebellion of his senior Captain, Vladimir Karpov, who attempts to impose his hard line views and seize control of the ship.

    Volsky serves as a moderating influence in time of crisis, and the final arbiter of authority in the chain of command. He eventually seeks accommodation with the Royal Navy, becoming Britain’s ally in Season 2 in an effort to redress some of the catastrophic damage the ship has done to the history, and possibly avert the war in 2021.

  • Vladimir Karpov
  • Anton Fedorov
  • Gennadi Orlov
  • Gregori Rodenko
  • Dimitri Zolkin
  • Yuri Dobrynin
  • Kandemir Troyak
  • Pavel Kamenski
  • Alexi Tasarov
  • Isaak Nikolin
  • Viktor Samsonov
  • Ivan Gromyko