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At the Writing Shop we offer a range of services to help writers get their material ready for publication, and to help them market it on-line when it is available in book form.

1) Publication! Publish your book in any of 6 popular eBook formats, Trade Paperback or Cloth  or Laminated Hard Cover with dust jacket option.  Order books in any quantity, from 1 to thousands. We handle the entire process. You just submit your manuscript in MS Word format and we’ll take it from there, offering a range of services as detailed below. Choose the plan right for you!

2) Web Showcase:
We’ll design a quality web showcase for your book! (Not a template page or simple listing, like many competing services offer.) A professional web designer will create an attractive, multi-page showcase for you to announce your new book to the world. Offer background info, character profiles, sample chapters, and even sell your book directly to interested readers. We design the site, publish it, and register it in all top search engines. Click here to learn more about our web showcase service.

3) Editorial Support: We know you are confident about the quality of your writing. If, however, you want a Writing Shop Associate to assist you with editing and proofing of your manuscript before it goes to press, click here to learn more about our editorial support service.

4) Book Cover Design: Ok, you’re a writer but not an artist. We’ll provide a custom cover art design for your book, including unique photo image, typography, and 4 color layout. You can provide us with ideas, color preferences, etc. and we’ll take it from there. If you are the artistic type, and want to design your own cover, we’ll send you detailed design specs for submission of the artwork as a Photoshop document or hi-res .tif file. Click here to learn more about our cover design service.

5) Book Interior format: We’ll design and format your book block interior and submit digital PDF files that most POD printers use for printing. Details here.

6) Marketing: A range of valuable marketing services help you launch your book in an intensely competitive publishing environment. Your web site, blog, press release, book review, marketing flyer, book signing kit, poster, video trailer all become essential marketing tools for telling the world about your book!


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What Is Digital Publishing?

Self-publishing, your personal Gutenberg Press!

Gutenberg’s printing press was named the most significant invention of the millennium. The Internet is a strong candidate for the next millennium!

Now anyone can harness the power of the Internet and new POD Technology to reach a worldwide audience.

Books are formatted with full color cover and stored digitally. They are printed only as sales come in... Hence the term “Print On Demand.” (POD)