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John Schettler was an avid reader of Science fiction and Fantasy from a young age, and it was not long before he began to create his own worlds in those genres. That imagination and energy has led him to publish 80 novels in the last 22 years!  John wrote his first novel around 1980, the Science Fiction Wild Zone. It was hard science fiction, with a little space opera, and john first shopped it to Daw Books in the 1980s with an unsolicited manuscript submission that was lucky enough, and good enough, to pass first read. While waiting for news, John penned a sequel, Mother Heart, which also passed first read at Daw, but as the time between leaping those hurdles and actual publication stretched out, along came the advent of Print on Demand Publishing.

John was an early adapter, deciding instead to self-publish those books, which led to a prolific writing career with the Writingshop Press. Since then, John wrote in many genres, including Historical Fiction and Mythic Horror, and then his Time Travel novel Meridian won the silver medal for Fiction Science Fiction Book of the Year, in the annual competition with Foreword Magazine in 2002. Way leads on to way, and when the five book Meridian Series ended with a novel featuring the Battleship Bismarck, John said he was still stricken with a “Naval Bug.”

“I wanted to write another naval military fiction, and was going to do a book featuring the German battleship Hindenburg, (a ship that was never actually built). Then I took a leap and gave it a twist, deciding to go with the Russian Battlecruiser Kirov instead. The result was John’s best seller, Kirov, the book that launched a thousand ships in his world, and one that became the longest story ever written with a series of 65 linked novels.

A mysterious accident during live fire drills sent Kirov into the middle of the naval war in 1941, and the Series ended up covering a complete alternate history of WWII because of Kirov’s interventions in the past. After finally getting home to their point of origin, Kirov then became embroiled in what might be the next war in the Pacific, and that entire campaign was fictionalized, including a hypothetical Russian invasion of Ukraine in WWIII, which john predicted three years before it actually happened.

After finally concluding the Kirov Series, John returned to his roots and wrote a new epic military fantasy series that is soon about to present its fifth book in his Chronicles of Innisfail. Following this, John is about to batten down the hatches and set sail with another naval fiction that will again have an interesting twist. For more news on this project, you can sign up to the mailing list or become a subscriber to John’s Blog using the links in upper right of this page.

When asked what he is most proud of in his writing career, john answered: “Of course it would have to be Kirov, even though I thought some of my earlier novels were actually my best writing. But with the Kirov Series, I found the one thing that every writer desires most—readers—and I was privileged to be able to entertain them through all those 65 books. It amazes me that there was a hard core of readers I called my old guard that stayed with the series to the very end. I have been, and remain, deeply grateful for their support of that series, even when I began taking them to some “strange far places” near the end.

Tired of waiting ten years for George Martin to finish a book? Not happy with Rings of Power? Come visit John’s Chronicles of Innisfail, an epic Military Fantasy that was inspired by his long love of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, the man who single handedly created the genre of Epic Fantasy.

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