Meridian Series: Book IV - Anvil of Fate

In one of the most intricate and exciting time missions of the series, Anvil of Fate depicts the struggle of the project team to prevent a much feared “Grand Transformation” when the Assassin cult engineers a victory against Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in the year 732.

The research leads them to a complex three part time jump where they must intervene at several key moments in the years leading up to the battle. And the stakes could not be higher. Should they fail, the Moors overrun all of Europe and Christendom itself is virtually wiped out!

Join the Meridian Project Team as they discover the true meaning of the stela unearthed at Rosetta in Book III, and root out the hidden Pushpoints on this pivotal moment in the clash of two great cultures and civilizations. All is laid upon the Anvil of Fate.

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Anvil of Fate Time Travel Adventure


Meridian Time Travel Video


Anvil of Fate - ASIN: B0064H1HEQ

  • Meridian Series Book IV
  • Full color cover
  • 30 Chapters - 320 Pages
  • $4.99 eBook

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