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The Chronicles of Innisfail - Volume 5, The Talons of Tallus

      The Chronicles of Innisfail
      Volume V, The Talons of Tallus
      John Schettler

      Part I – The Talons of Tallus
      Part II – The Threat Below

      Part III – Lilibeth

      Part IV – Grannus Morgonus

      Part V – Demonic

      Part VI – The Archons

      Part VII – The Rage of Hell

      Part VIII – Ice and Shadow

      Part IX – A Meeting Engagement

      Part X– Maneuvers

      Part XI – Clash of Titans

      Part XII – The Voyage Begins

In the realm of Innisfail, Tallus is the name given to the god of the eighth month, Tallus, God of vengeance. After their Resounding defeat at the epic Battle of Longwood, the Dreadlords retreat West to their haunts again, but in this volume they will make two more  thrusts at the Northmen. To do this, Morwenna has been busy coaxing more demonic spirits from the Abyss, a deep chasm within her underworld in the region of Sorcha. Calling in favors or just threatening Demons until they cooperate, she adds three Legions of Astaroth to her forces, and then she and Luth contrive to send reinforcements to Sonderin, who has decided to repeat his approach to Innisfail as he did in Book 1, only this time, he has enlisted the services of Alisander and all his Khazars. Marching up the east coast again, Sonderin tests the new defenses of the Hallowfield Canal, but the Witch Queen is restless and finds even more demons and mercenaries to join the Dark Armies.She wants a new combined effort, and what she wants, she always gets.


First Morwenna launches a surprise attack from deep below Cartimandua that becomes very problematic for Duke Morgin. Sensing a resurgence of enemy strength, the Duke Petitions General Cross for support, and this will set up a massive climactic battle akin to Longwood again for this volume. The Dreadlords seem tireless, finding more and more mercenary forces, the latest being the Archons, frosty inhuman beings from the far north. With both sides dormant during the deep winter, they will meet again in 789 for one more head to head confrontation that Duke Morgin hopes will end the long war. This time, as both sides petition the Gods for support, these ethereal beings actually intervene in the action, for the great Donn Rhy, Allfather, will refuse to tolerate that Morwenna should waken and employ Arch Demons that were thrown down in ages past. Magic, mayhem, and the ethereal power of the Gods themselves all become a part of the great final battle here. And oh Yes, the Samurkon return in all their might to fight for the Northmen, along with heavy knights and guardsmen from the far eastern lands. It’s a real Donnybrook.


At the end of this volume Wilem Doran and Sachi return to find Kaspar on the Starseed, who is planning a big exploratory voyage to find the last unknown lands of this world, That’s where we’re going next, a volume focused entirely on Kaspar, Wilem, Sachi, Lieutenant Rheen and the others on Starseed, but where they will end up remains a great mystery.


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The Archdemon Astaroth sends Morwenna three of his 40 legions of Fiends

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