The Chronicles of Innisfail - Volume 4, Nightfall


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Duke Morgin Grenfell fights two battles in defense of the West while the Dreadlord Sonderin recruits the Khazars and musters to assault the Raedwall. Morgin receives unexpected help from the High Mage Cedrin Woodwise in the Ravenswood. Soon Morwenna and Luth march to join Sonderin, but only after they have first gone to Dark Mornaland to release a terrible Demon, a Nightshade who can devour all light.

    As deep night falls on the Alderenh, hope fades in the darkness until the Sons of Old Mindemoya answer a desperate appeal from General Scion Cross and sail for Rammath-Innis. But the Black Sails stand in their way, and the Imperial Navy sorties to challenge them in a great naval battle.   When the Nightshade comes east into Innisfail, Archmage Vortigern leads the Order of Donn Rhy to stand against it in a deadly confrontation of Black Magic vs White. Then the Samarkon stand with General Cross to face down Luth and his Legion of Shadows--the Dharmans.


        • The Chronicles of Innisfail
        • Volume IV, Nightfall
        • John Schettler
        • Part I – Deep West
          Part II – Charlendar Pass
        • Part III – Ravenswood
        • Part IV – The Gathering Storm
        • Part V – The Fields of Gwimalden
        • Part VI – The Luntmorgen
        • Part VII – A Council of Five
        • Part VIII – Band of Brothers
        • Part IX – Twist of Fate
        • Part X– The Raedwall
        • Part XI – Night Falls
        • Part XII – Longwood


The remarkable new epic fantasy from Kirov Series author John Schettler is rolling out with the same alacrity and enthusiasm as he had with the journey of Fedorov and Karpov. A new volume is offered every two months, and now the story moves into Volume IV, Nightfall. Deep worldbuilding and compelling characters, both good and evil, have driven the narrative of this series to some amazing places as the forces of free men have struggled to oppose the darkness of three dangerous Dreadlords.

After General Scion Cross returned to the West with a powerful new ally, he undertook a Crusade in Volume III, Fate of Empire, to take back the Imperial heartland of Innisfail. At the same time, after campaigning against the Southrons, the Samarkon then take an unexpected journey of their own. The result is a strange twist of the lines of fate in this volume.

Daunted by the union of all three Dreadlords, Duke Morgin sulks in his mountain stronghold of Cartimandua until he can no longer sit idle. He knows it will only be a matter of time before his cities are again attacked, and so he decides to launch a preemptive attack and sorties in an attempt to harry Sonderin by trying to destroy his siege engines. The action then transitions into a dramatic battle to defend his capital of Dinorwick from within the Ravenswood Forest. There the Mages are pleased to welcome another of their order, Cedrin Woodwise, and he provides welcome support in the struggle beneath those trees.

Frustrated by the steely determination of the Western Outlords, Luth, Morwenna and Sonderin venture into Dark Mornaland to an ancient prison tower, there to find and unleash a terrible Demon Nightshade who can devour all light. As heavy darkness falls on the north, hopes fade when it becomes darker than midnight at noon. Then General Cross sends a desperate appeal to the lands of the east, and the Sons of Old Mindemoya rise up and come in a vast armada to Rammath-Innis. The Imperial Navy must first face and defeat the coming of the Black Sails, which sets up a big naval battle, then the action turns to Sonderin’s second assault on the Empire in as many years.

This time he has gained the support of General Alisander and his Khazars, and now a mighty host assembles to attack the Raedwall and Rinnith-Lodras. As his campaign intensifies, Sonderin calls to Luth and Morwenna, and they now march east, with luth bringing a reinforced column of 12,000 Dharmans! Volcanic eruptions all across the land add to the ruin of the skies, but the West takes hope when Vortigern leads five other High Mages to confront the Demon Nightshade and attempt to restore light to the world. They combine their White Magic to launch a terrible attack.

Luth remains confident with his Dharmans and cannot understand why the Imperials do not now stand on the outer Ramparts of Rammath-Innis. Then he sees the long line of Scarlet capes and gold helms when the Samarkon march to the defense of the Empire, 15,000 strong.

The action shifts to the climactic battle of Longwood, on the fields of Innisfail the Only. It is three chapters of grueling combat that will once again decide whether free men fall under eternal nightfall or prevail to restore the light.

With three or four major battles, this volume lives up to its billing as mythic military fiction. Unable to breach the heavy walls of Cartimandua, the Dreadlord Luth even attempts to break into the mountain fortress from below, and fighting rages in Deep West the long tunnel that leads to the Undergate Duke Morgin used to once enter the Underworld. In this volume, Morgin’s vendetta against Morwenna intensifies, and we can see that he is slowly building a case for an invasion of the Underworld to throw the Witch Queen down. But if that happens, it is for another volume. This one is loaded with battles in the Ravenswood, the Fields of Gwimalden, along the Raedwall, and the climactic battle of Longwood.

If you want to get swept into a new and very well drawn heroic fantasy world, where war is made with sword, shield, Mages and Magic, this series is for you. The world of Innisfail is deeply textured, and the author provides not one but nearly 30 maps of his world so you can see where all the action takes place. So don your armor and mount up! Believe me, you’ll be glad you found this series.


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