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Duke Morgin Grenfell has a problem as he faces summary judgement and execution at the hands of an ingrate emperor, Alcandryn. While a plot is launched to free him, the Dreadlord Luth is joined by the Host of the Underworld raised by Morwenna and now threatens the West. The Duke must hasten back to his province of Rhaingoll to plan the defense of the White Company.   Meeting Lord Frey, he begins a dangerous quest that takes Wilem and other characters deep into the Underworld while Morwenna is aloft. It leads to some powerful discoveries.     Luth and Morwenna march inexorably towards the capital of Innisfail to join with Luth’s brother, Sonderin the Black. The Empire stands on the brink of collapse, and desperately needs the support of the Western Outlords. Now a powerful new Archmage urges  Duke Morgin to go east and break the tightening siege of Rammath-Innis. He will have help from Lord Frey and all the clans of the Dwarrowkin.   The epic military fantasy revs into high gear and sees the Empire facing its greatest threat in nearly 300 years. Can Innisfail survive?


 Chronicles of Innisfail: Volume II - AVAILABLE NOW!

The Coming of Shadows

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The Shadows come fast on the heels of the series opener as author John Schettler rolls out his new Epic Fantasy Series. Starseed continues west through the northwest passage to reach Irondale, and the journey is fateful in more than one way.

Duke Morgin Grenfell has rushed west into Rhaingoll with his knights to stand a nervous watch on the eves of Ravenswood as The Dreadlord Luth marches his Dharman Legion into the Valley of Soregor. Will he strike south towards Rhaingoll's main city at Dinorwick? Luth has a surprise in store when the action shifts to the Tower of Aberlemno.

Reaching Irondale to confer with Lord Frey, Morgin meets a strange yet amiable man with a most interesting weapon. He immediately seeks to recruit him to his cause.

Morgin then joins with Lord Frey and characters from the Kaspar's company on the Starseed to undertake a dangerous quest into the Underworld. As Morwenna has led her army aloft, the Duke sees this as perhaps the only chance he will have to recover the body of his friend, Lord Rachlin. A party of nine intrepid souls open the Undergate below 3rd Deep in Cartimandua, and struggle to make their way to the dread Bone Fortress. There they must face and defeat the Guardians Morwenna has left in place to watch the many entrances to her dark realm. Not everyone will get out alive...

Meanwhile, events above ground are getting very dark. The great war that started in Volume I has now reached a decisive phase, when all three of the series Dreadlords, Luth, Sonderin, and Morwenna, lead their armies into Innisfail to lay siege to the capital at Rammath-Innis. Among them come the dread Dharman, shadow warriors who live on the tenuous boundary between this world and the ethereal realm called the Reach. This sets up a do or die battle for the city, where the fate of the Empire rides in the balance. 

New characters are introduced, most notably, the Archmage Vortigern, who has come looking for his missing Starseed Gemsword. He is instrumental in mustering the strength of the West and urging them to ride east to Innisfail. There in the capital, all four High Mages strive to oppose the dark magic of the three Dreadlords.

The Outlords answer the call yet again, and ride east to Innisfail. They are joined by both hosts of the Dwarrowkin, Lord Frey's and those of Lord Hornbori. A major battle on the fields of North Innis results as they try to break the siege of Rammath-Innis. But with the Khazars and Gorgessens looming on the southern frontier of the Outlands, the Outlords must decide whether to stand for Innisfail or return West to defend their homelands.

It's out now for kindle with the paperback a day or so behind. This book will also be distributed to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other online retailers. And John says Volume III is available now.



    • The Chronicles of Innisfail
    • Volume II, The Coming of Shadows
    • John Schettler

    • Part I – Summary Judgement
    • Part II – Passage North
    • Part III – The Ice Hollows
    • Part IV – Calm Before the Storm
    • Part V – Plans and Devices
    • Part VI – The Quest
    • Part VII – The Bone Fortress
    • Part VIII– 25th Of Tallus
    • Part IX – Downfall
    • Part X – The Black Sails
    • Part XI – The Fate of Empires
    • Part XIIMage War
    • ABOUT VOLUME 3 - The Fate of Empire

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