Vortigern Archmage of the Order of Donn Rhy


Wilem Doran  and Kaspar Jakhad

Wilem-4A man who trades one desert, and one war, for another. William Doran, called Wilem by his mates, begins his saga with the King’s Dragoon Guards in 1943, Tunisia, but soon finds himself somewhere else. Enter Kaspar Jakhad, a trader bound for the empire of Innisfail, and fleeing before the advancing war bands of the barbarian Khazars out of far Gorgessa. Wilem’s SMLE MkIII or “Smelly Three” rifle is seen as magical by those that find him in the desert, and though bewildered by what has happened to him, he soon signs on as a train guard for Kaspar’s caravan. His time with Kaspar will take him through the strange new world of the Alderenh, through places where his own maps could never take him.

Lord Frey

Lord Frey, Son of Frost is a member of the Dwarrowkin clans, and the Adopted son of Lord Hornbori, the high Lord of Delling . The Dwarrowkin are miners, stone masons, welders and forgers who have built strong towers all over the world of the Alderenh. Their short and stocky build leads other men to sometimes call them “Dwarves,” but they are human. After the death of Lord Gherin of Irondale, brother to Hornbori, Frey is named his successor and begins a journey north to reach the old ancestral realm of Irondale. Along the way he learns of incursions by the barbarian tribes of the Hunding and Gorg out of Gorgathor, and one of his first official acts is to muster the host of Irondale and march to the defense of the Wendfolk, long time friends of the Dwarrowkin.

Duke Morgin Grenfell

High Duke of the outland Province of Rhaingoll, Morgin Grenfell is a careful yet determined man. He is angered when the Emperor of Innisfail, Alcandryn II sends a warlord known as Baldrick the Bold to seize the Falconbridge over the river that separates the Western Outlands from the Empire. Morgin then cements the Alliance of five provinces of the Western Outlands, an act that would be considered treasonous by the Emperor if he learned of the pact. Yet as the Khazars drive north to the frontiers of the empire, the Emperor finds he has better use for his Outlords than to prosecute them for such a crime. After nearly three centuries since its founding, a great war is coming, and Innisfail will need every Knight and footman it can find, including those in the Western Outlands.

The Dreadlords:

Lord Sonderin – Formerly Lord Erkenwald of Nefalia, slain in battle in the first age and carried off to the Underworld by the Morlich. There he was returned to life by the Witch Queen, and renamed Sonderin, the ever burning fire. He fled from the Underworld to the distant lands of the south and now seeks his vengeance on the ancestors of those who first killed him.

Luthgondriel or more simply Luth – another High Dreadlord, Brother to Sonderin, thought to be a survivor of Old Mindemoya, Alboradin by name at that time, and now a practitioner of Dark arts.

Morwenna – Witch Queen of the Underworld, Daughter of Death,  a powerful Necromancer, and keeper of the dead in the Underworld. Morwenna was the creator of both Luth and Sonderin.


All the other characters (over 80 more)  will be listed in the Dramatis Personae of the books.

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Morwenna, Witch Queen of the Underworld, Daughter of Death