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At the conclusion of Firedrake, the temporal instability of Kirov again sends the ship off into the ether where they soon encounter a derelict warship, its innards and crew warped and melded into one another in a way that Fedorov has worried about for some time. Kirov’s own reactor room has shown signs of instability, and two more crewman have gone missing.

Thinking to reverse the shift, they go to the Kamenski Device but find it is not cooperative, apparently wanting another key before it will do what they ask. Fearing they might be marooned in the year 2030, Fedorov soon learns that they are no longer in the future of the war they have been fighting in 2026. The history in the Pacific is badly skewed, and Imperial Japan remains a prominent world power with an extensive empire that even extends to dominion over China.

Until they can discover a way to make a graceful exit, Karpov decides to head south towards New Britain, where Fedorov learns the US and British have bases. They have already tangled with a Japanese warship, so now it is any port in a storm….

Alpha Strike opens with more strange signs that the ship is undergoing another temporal shift, and readers fearing the war in 2026 was being left behind will soon rest easy. The author has pledged to take that war to its rightful conclusion by volume eight of this season, whereupon he will then deal with the mission Karpov and Fedorov are scheming on in the grand facedown with Ivan Volkov.

Learning they actually crossed Meridians to a different world in that last temporal shift, Fedorov speculates that the two worlds, the war in 2026 and the one where they butted heads with the IJN, are now running parallel to one another. As it is impossible for two separate futures to coexist for very long, Time is seeking to choose one or the other as the new Prime Meridian.

Ivan Volkov has done his worst with the assassination of Stalin and Sergei Kirov, radically undermining the future where the war in 2026 is still raging. So Fedorov and Karpov are planning a grand counterattack, but to do so they will have to either cross the temporal gulf between the two parallel worlds again, or get far enough into the past on their own Meridian to reach the Prime and prevent Volkov’s mischief.

In the meantime, the war in 2026 continues as the US fights to neutralize the reef island bases in the South China Sea, and then masses its four active carriers for the battle to reduce the Chinese position on Luzon. The heart of this action is the title of the book, an “Alpha Strike” where the lion’s share of the carrier air wings takes flight in a massive air operation. China has heavily reinforced Luzon with SAM and SSM battalions, and many more fighters, but the power of the US Carrier Strike Groups is awesome when they combine on either offense or defense, as Admiral Zheng Bao soon sees.

The Chinese must now lay plans for the future, as they know the war will inevitably roll north towards Taiwan and the Ryukyu Island chain. As they look to unite their south and east seas fleets into one massive armada, they also begin a preemptive war against Japan, aiming to destroy the Japanese Navy no matter what the outcome of the war in general.

Alpha Strike presents all this action in detail, air strikes and an amphibious landing on Mischief Reef, and the grand battle in the skies over Luzon before it shifts north to welcome back an old warrior. Marooned behind a desk on Hainan Island after being relieved of command when his Operation Sea Eagle ended in failure, China now moves to an all hands on deck urgency in the war, as it is rolling all too close to their sovereign soil. So Admiral Wu Jinlong returns, and he is given the mission to use a portion of the East Seas Fleet to engage and destroy the Japanese Navy. Along the way, the Chinese show they have a few surprises up their sleeves, and then Vladimir Karpov is asked to take on a mission that soon leads to a dramatic escalation of events in these dangerous waters.

Ride with the Hellcats and F-35’s over the Philippines as Alpha Strike lights the fires to take the war to a whole new level.

Coming on or Before Oct 1, 2020


Kirov Saga
Alpha Strike

John Schettler

Part I – Return
Part II – Lightfoot
Part III – Stormfront
Part IV – Typhoon
Part V – Alpha 1
Part VI – Mischief
Part VII – The First Link
Part VIII– The Last Vampire
Part IX – 13 Seconds
Part X – Avenging Fire
Part XI – The North Gate
Part XII – Tsushima

322 Pages, 36 Chapters, about 105,000 words.
Kindle Version: $4.99
Quality Trade Paperback: $19.99

The Kirov Series:

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NOTE: Printed versions of the Kirov series are available and will also display on Amazon when you click the “For Kindle” link.


SERIES NOTE: Since all of Season 7 will now be needed to resolve the War in 2026, the series will then transition into Season 8: Volkov’s War, the struggle to prevent the rise of a new alternate future created by the interventions of Ivan Volkov in the past. This means instead of ending with volume 56, the series will extend to eight full seasons, through Volume 64. Enjoy!


As of Oct 1 Zulu Hour is complete and in final read with the author. This book recounts the story of what happened to Elena Fairchild, Captain Gordon MacRae and their four Argonauts when they vanished while on an outing to visit the famous battlefield of Isandlwana. They find they have slipped into the past, where they meet Sir Roger Ames on the battlefield, just 10 days before the Zulu attack. They soon learn that they can return if they are on the hill at precisely 2:30 PM on the 22nd of January, 1879, right at the height of the battle. But Sir Roger has a game afoot with his rival Jean Michel Fortier, and he is striving to alter the outcome of Chelmsford’s first disastrous invasion of Zululand.

This book will probably be released just after the conclusion of Season 7 of the Kirov Series, as it will contain information of the vital keys that come into play in Season 8 - Stay tuned!

Kirov Series to extend to 64 Volumes!


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