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The Kirov series forges ahead with the war that started in 2025.

After season 6 depicted the outcome of the war in 2021 that was the background to Season 1 of the series, the final volume of Season 6 , Tangent Fire, served as a bridge to season 7. When Kirov sought to escape the nuclear holocaust of 2021, it ended up in the distant future of the alternate history of WWII that made up the main 40 book series. There, the war breaks out again, but late in the year 2025, and Karpov and Fedorov see it only fitting that they own the future they helped build, entering the war with Kirov, Kursk and Kazan.

That alternate future is quite different, with the Soviet Union still intact, but well-integrated with Europe, and therefore an ally of the United States. Yet China has made a dramatic rise on the world stage, building a string of overseas bases and collecting many client states with lavish investments. Emboldened, they launch an operation to seize the Ryukyu Island Chain, including Okinawa, and we got a glimpse of that action in Season 6 when Kirov shifted to the future in 2025 to give is a preview of what was to come. After returning to 2021 and fighting in the icy north, Karpov and Fedorov make amends with Tyrenkov, and seek to escape before the ICBM’s make an end of that world.

Tangent Fire then showed us how the fires of war in 2025 spread quickly to the Mediterranean Sea, when China begins interfering with western commercial ship traffic as part of an overall plan to interdict and control vital sea lanes. That volume saw action from one end of the Med to the other, culminating in Egypt’s closure of the Suez Canal when the Chinese fleet withdrew from the Med and moved to the Arabian Sea.

In Condition Zebra, Volume 1 of the Next War in 2025, (Season 7), the British Admiral Wells leads a reinforced fleet south around the Cape of Good Hope with orders to then move north and open the sea lanes into the Indian Ocean. At the same time, China’s allies in the Middle East, Iraq and Iran, launch a shocking invasion of Kuwait which continues deep into Saudi Arabia. The Royal Navy gets a rude awakening when Admiral Sun Wei proves a formidable foe, and eventually Wells and his battered fleet retire to the  British and American bastion of Diego Garcia.

When the US Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group arrives there, the mission resumes to control the Arabian Sea to enable the landing of the 1st USMC division in Oman, a desperately needed reinforcement for Saudi Arabia. The US Carrier tips the balance of power to the West, and Admiral Sun Wei is forced to retire to the Gulf of Oman to gain the benefit of land based air power in Pakistan.

That brings us to volume two in this 7th Season of the series, Able Sentry, which is the code name to the overall operational plan to reverse the Iraqi Invasion of Saudi Arabia from a most unexpected direction. Before it can be launched, the planners declare that the reopening of the Suez Canal and Red Sea are a necessary prelude to the main campaign, and that’s what this volume is all about.

The US enlists the support of Israel for an operation through Sinai to secure the Suez Canal in the north, while Admiral Wells is given an operation dubbed Talisman Sabre aimed at securing Aden, Djibouti and opening the southern approaches to the Red Sea. An adjunct of this operation is a daring raid into the western deserts of Libya and Egypt led by Brigadier Kinlan, to rescue 500 British nationals at the BP oil facility of Sultan Apache. It becomes a haunting closure of his important story line from the main series, as Kinlan returns to the place where he and his entire brigade were first swept into the madness that took them to the heart of WWII.

So this book gets that fast paced operation, called Just Resolve, the associated Talisman Sabre operation as the Royal Navy and Australian forces drive on Aden, and the entire Operation Chariot in the Sinai, the battle for the Suez Canal. There is also time for Carrier Strike Group Roosevelt to begin its face down of Admiral Sun Wei, and then at the end, Kirov and company join forces with the USS Enterprise to oppose an unexpected offensive by the Chinese emerging from the South China Sea.

Action on land, sea, and air as the West begins to go on the offensive in the war in 2025, which has now slipped into a new year with these operations.

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Kirov Saga
Able Sentry

John Schettler

Part I – Nanchang
Part II – Gulf of Aden
Part III – Talisman Sabre
Part IV – The Best Laid Plans
Part V – Chariots of Fire
Part VI – Just Resolve
Part VII – Sultan Apache
Part VIII– Tobruk
Part IX – Stormfront
Part X – The Gambit
Part XI – The Aberration
Part XII – Sea Eagles

314 Pages, 36 Chapters, about 100,000 words.
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The Next War... 2025

These events focus on what would have happened if Kirov had not shifted to the past in Book 1 of the series.

So if you’ve wondered about the Kirov Series, but find its vast canvas too intimidating to grasp, why not jump in right into WWIII? Start with book 41, Homecoming. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride!


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NOTE: Printed versions of the Kirov series are available and will also display on Amazon when you click the “For Kindle” link.